360 Degree Body Lift Aesthetics

You can access all the information you are wondering about 360 Degree Body Lift Aesthetics, also known as belt surgery or known as belt lipectomy throughout the world, on our company´s website. You can have instant information about body lift aesthetics via the whatsapp line on our site. We recommend this aesthetic operation to all our visitors who want to achieve a youthful appearance in the mid-body area. For people who lose excess weight, this technique is among the most preferred because of the sagging in the body.

360 degree body lift aesthetics is among the most demanded by our ladies after giving birth. It is known that women who have sagging on the back and buttocks after giving birth prefer Clinic Ever-Est for body lift aesthetics. In the middle and lower abdomen, on the outer parts of the thighs, around the hips and in the coccyx region, this aesthetic procedure is performed by our plastic surgery doctors who are experts in the field of fat extraction. In the oils removed from the area, the sagging skin will be more tense. Excess skin is removed by our experts. However, our visitors who want to get information about this operation and want to have it done should know that 360 degree body lift is not a slimming method, these procedures are the opposite, it is an operation recommended by doctors after losing weight.

You can learn the body look you desire with the interviews you will make with Clinic Ever-Est doctors over the Whatsapp line on the site. In order for our patients to achieve the desired appearance, the deformities in the face, arms, legs, abdomen and chest areas will be eliminated and the situation will be closer to the desired body. Before starting the 360-degree body stretching, we conduct a consultation examination with our patient. Our clinic is located in Istanbul. After the preliminary meeting, which will be held in our clinic, where we host visitors from our country and many of the surrounding countries, surgery will be planned.


It is a procedure suitable for all patients whose body mass index is under the age of 30. To find this index, it will be sufficient to divide your current weight by the square of your height. If the result you will get is 30 or less, we can say that you are suitable for body lift surgery. It is quite normal for sagging to occur with the effect of gravity on the human body as the age progresses after losing excessive weight. In addition, we have many patients who request this operation from our clinic due to the sagging that occurs for women after childbirth.

As Clinic Ever-est, all of our operations are performed in high-end, ultra-quality hospitals in our region. 360 degree body stretching aesthetic procedures are performed in the contracted hospitals of our clinic. For more information and answers to your questions, you can contact our doctors directly on our whatsapp line on our website.

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