Abdominal Stretching Surgery

In general, when there is sagging in the abdomen that does not respond to exercise and diet, tummy tuck surgery can be performed in men and women with a smooth body structure. When we look at it from another point of view, cracks in the skin of the abdomen of women who give birth several times are formed and sagging, this surgery is very useful for women whose abdominal muscles are weakened. By having a tummy tuck surgery, you will renew your appearance and increase your self-confidence.

It is known that abdominoplasty, that is, tummy tuck surgery, is applied for the treatment of excess fat accumulation in the abdominal regions, fat and abdominal sagging. You can find the best prices for tummy tuck surgery and specialist doctors in our clinic.

All of the abdominal stretching operations performed in our clinic are performed by doctors who are experts in their fields and have performed these surgeries for many years. In tummy tuck operations, excess fat tissue in the lower and middle parts of the abdomen will be removed. Tummy tuck surgery is a great solution for women who have intensive sagging and loosening in the abdominal area. With this surgical procedure, which is in the category of aesthetic surgeries, excess abdominal tissue is cut and the sagging skin is removed.

Why Abdominal Stretching?

* Decrease in fat ratios in your waist area,
* Having an hourglass-like body shape,
* Having a thinner waist circumference,
* Having a tighter wife,
* Reasons such as a more aesthetic appearance may encourage you.

In general, abdominal stretching operations, which we will perform under the roof of our clinic, is an operation that progresses on the basis of excess fat in the abdominal walls of the people, skin tissues and squeezing in the muscles. If you are dieting and following sports programs and you do not have the body you want, tummy tuck surgery will be a great option for you. If you have given birth and you cannot get rid of your birth weight, it is also recommended to have abdominoplasty aesthetics.

It is no longer difficult to have a tummy tuck surgery, you can make an appointment with our doctors by calling us right away and you can have your tummy tuck operations with the best surgeons in the field. As Klinik Ever-Est, we are able to perform tummy tuck surgery at the most affordable prices in order to have a permanent slim and fit appearance.

Tummy tuck surgery is the only way to correct cracked, sagging skin, loosened muscles and a tummy-like abdomen. By having abdominoplasty in our clinic, you can immediately get rid of the cracks, fat and skin sagging in the lower part of your belly button and restore your skin to its former tension.

When we look at the abdominoplasty method, in which liposuction can also be applied, if the person who will have the surgery has given birth and there are no sagging and cracks in the abdominal area, only the fat removal operation is sufficient. In general, liposuction method will not be useful for people who have more than one birth. You can write to our doctor and get information about the issues through the WhatsApp support line on our site for all the information you are curious about and other details.

on behalf of Turkey´s tummy tuck surgeries to be performed by the best doctors just give us a call.

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