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To learn about Arm Lift Surgery Prices, you can visit our corporate website and get instant information from our contact numbers on our website. As we age, sagging occurs in the upper parts of our arms. At the same time, as a result of weight gain, your sagging upper arm areas may be at a level that can disturb you when you raise your arms up or wear short-sleeved clothes. By having arm aesthetics, you can eliminate possible sagging in these areas and quickly bring your body beauty to the fore.


Sagging of your arm skin usually occurs during aging. The effect of gravity removes itself over time by causing sagging in some areas of the human skin. With the loss of elasticity in your skin and the reduction of fat tissues in the lower parts of your skin, there will be sagging in the back parts of your upper arms, from the inner parts to your elbows. Do not worry about these sagging, the "arm lift aesthetics" made by the successful plastic surgeons of our clinic will give you the look you want. All operations with Clinic Ever-Est are performed by plastic surgeons.

All of the hospitals where our clinic performs aesthetic surgeries are ultra-quality, high-level hospitals located in Istanbul. In order to get information about our hospitals and aesthetic operation prices, you can reach us from our whatsapp line on our web page or our numbers on our contact page.

Contact our doctors immediately to get rid of sagging on your arm skin and eliminate your problems.

If you have lost weight quickly, this can cause loosening of the skin on your arm. Our "arm lift surgery" service is provided by our specialist doctors for these people who have a bat-like appearance. Many of our patients who complain of sagging in their arms achieve the arms of their dreams in a short time. Doing sports and exercise helps to tighten your muscles. However, after sagging, it is often very difficult to correct this situation with sports. You can get information from us for the solution of your sagging problems in your upper arms, and you can request before and after pictures of arm lift surgeries performed by our doctors in previous periods.


For your problems in your sagging skin, arm lift aesthetics can be done by applying different techniques. You can visit our clinic to learn which technique of this procedure, which has many methods, is suitable for you, and you can decide together during the examination of our doctors. If you are going to visit our clinic from outside the province or from a different country, you can send pictures of the area that will have aesthetic operation to our whatsapp line and request our doctors to return to you by making their examinations.

* Arm Lift surgeries with Vaser Liposuction Method are generally known as scarless arm lift surgeries. If the elasticity of your skin is in good condition, this method will be suitable for you. With the removal of excess oil on your skin, your skin will tighten itself with this method.

* Our aesthetic operation can be performed with mini arm lift aesthetic surgeries, that is, with the short watch arm stretch aesthetic technique. In this technique, operations are performed in your armpit area. In this technique, which is also known in the industry as invisible arm lift aesthetics, liposuction is performed first and the arm is thinned, and then the excess skin is pulled towards the armpit.

* In arm lift aesthetics, known as standard, if there is an excess in the amount of elasticity in your skin, the excess skin and fat on your arm are completely removed. In this operation technique, the incision scar extends from the armpit to just above the elbow. These scars are not obvious when viewed from the front and back, due to the operation in the inner area of ??the arm.

* In the arm lift aesthetic operation with extended scar, there will be an incision extending from your elbow to the upper part of the arm along the armpit and along the side chest wall to the armpit where the loose skin is located. This technique is preferred in people with excessive arm sagging.

If you want to have your aesthetic procedures done in the right hands without leaving your job to chance, you can call us right away.

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