Arm Tightening Aesthetic Surgery

You can review all the details about Arm Tightening Aesthetic Surgery on the corporate website of our clinic and you can reach our doctors directly from WhatsApp numbers for any questions you have in mind.

It is your right to have a tight, non-swinging arm structure. We see that the arms are deformed quickly in women who lose weight, all of the arm stretching operations to be performed in the arm area are performed by the specialist doctors in our clinic personally. No more sagging in your arms. You can reach our company with the aim of eliminating the sagging of your arms and giving them an aesthetic appearance without spending hours in sports halls. Our clinic also prefers liposuction method for sagging arms that lose their flexibility and fullness due to aging. If you wish to see your arm, you can send the images to our doctors via the numbers on our site or you can have a free examination by visiting our addresses on our contact page.

When we look at arm stretching aesthetic surgery in general, there is no age limit, but there is no problem in young people. All people of advanced age and in good health can have arm lift surgery.

If you wish, our doctors can tell you the details of some arm lift aesthetic surgery made for you in our clinic with visuals and offer examples. In arm stretching operations, liposuction may be required depending on the condition of the arm before the operation. If liposuction will be applied, this information will also be given to you. Considering the arm stretching aesthetic operations in general, the procedure takes approximately 1 to 2 hours for each arm.

Arm stretching operations can give good results up to 100%. In arm lift aesthetic operation, the fat tissue under the skin is thinned and the excess skin can be removed. Arm corset is recommended for less swelling after these operations. Of course, all the details about the subject will be conveyed to you by our specialist doctors in our clinic.

You can call and write to us for any questions or problems you may have before the operation.

Anyone who has had a successful arm lift surgery can return to their normal activities after 3 to 4 days.

When we look before all of the arm stretching aesthetic surgeries that our clinic has successfully performed, the sagging arms in people with advanced age or who have experienced weight loss are made tight and healthy with aesthetic operations applied to the loosened upper arm skin. You can call our numbers on our contact page for Brachioplasty under the medical name of arm lift surgery.

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