Basin Liposuction and Fat Removal

You are in the right place to learn about Basen Liposuction and Fat Removal procedures and to get service from specialist doctors.

It is among the methods preferred especially by ladies. It can sometimes be very difficult to give the stubborn fat accumulated in the female hips with sports or diet. The liposuction method is important in order to remove stubborn fat from the body.

The fat in the hip area is vacuumed and pulled out by the liposution method. Most of the applications coming to our clinic are about hip fat removal to make the legs look more vigorous, tighter and thinner. As Clinic Ever-Est, we welcome our guests both from Turkey and abroad. In our clinic, the techniques to be applied will be explained to you with the examination of our doctors. All of our surgeries are performed in our contracted hospitals in our region. You can request before and after images from our doctors for hospital information and hip liposuction method surgeries.

If you are reaching our clinic from out of town or abroad, we have Whatsapp line numbers on our site for you. You can contact our doctors in person by calling our Whatsapp line numbers or writing to us through these numbers, and you can get all the information you wonder from them.


You can call us to get rid of stubborn fat in your hip area. Having wide hips can make women look fatter. The hips are not generally associated with weight. The hips are related to the body type of the person. Wide hips can make women appear shorter, older or heavier.

Thanks to the liposuction applied by our doctors in our clinic, it is no longer a dream to have more aesthetic and well-formed bodies. The hip liposuction method will be your savior if your lower body has a thick appearance. With a thinner appearance, you can see that your legs are thinner after this operation.

Call Clinic Ever-Est now and get rid of the fat in your hip area in a short time.

Basin Liposuction Operation

These procedures, which are performed by our doctors under general anesthesia, are performed in high-end, ultra-luxury hospitals that our clinic has contracted with. In operations for removing hip fat, excess fat in your hip area is removed through very, very small cannulas as long as 2 mm. Thanks to these procedures, the swollen appearance in the hip areas of our patients will be flattened and a hip with hourglass curves will be obtained, so to speak. You may have questions about hip thinning surgeries. For all questions and problems, you can call our numbers on our website and you can get answers to your questions about hip liposuction from our doctors instantly.

To briefly talk about general information about the Basen liposuction method. The average amount of fat to be taken from the person´s body can be between 3 and 6 liters. If you are wondering about the best prices for liposuction, you are at the right place.

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