Belly (Abdominal) Liposuction Doctor

Looking for a Belly (Abdominal) Liposuction Doctor? All of the doctors working in our clinic are experts in this field and have performed many successful operations.

Generally, this service is requested in cases of excess lubrication in the waist and abdomen. The most preferred liposuction method is the one in the belly area. We are at your side in the face of situations that you cannot achieve in your efforts to remove the fat in your abdominal region and to get rid of the fat in this area locally. With the liposuction method that our doctors will offer you, we destroy the fat accumulated in your belly and make you look better. When we look at the procedures in your abdomen, our ladies generally prefer this method to get rid of their postpartum weight. In removing the remaining fat from the belly of women, women who have just given birth, women who cannot get rid of their fat by doing sports and diet, this appearance depresses their morale over time, and even over time, fat accumulation can increase and become a more saggy belly. If you do not want to see a thick belly or a sagging belly when you look in the mirror, you can call Clinic Ever-Est and get information from specialist doctors about the liposuction method.

You can write to our whatsapp line on our site for quick appointment procedures and to meet our doctors in person.

Our clinic is generally preferred by foreigners who come to Turkey as guests. We would like to inform you that our doctors have recently started to serve their domestic guests as well. In our clinic, all services on our site are performed by plastic surgeons. There are before and after images for all of our services. However, we cannot upload these images to our site due to law. You can call us to get detailed information on the subject and to answer your questions, and you can request images from our operations in that area, whichever service you are interested in.

Abdominal Thinning

You can get rid of your belly fat with the liposuction method. For abdominal thinning procedures, call our numbers on our website immediately and you will have better information. Our experts will always offer the method you need to remove fat from your abdominal area. During the examination, our doctors will tell you which method you should choose. Fat removal with liposuction in the abdominal region is generally preferred for our women´s postpartum excess fat and weight. Our mothers, who have completed the breastfeeding period, get rid of the fat in their abdomen with the liposution method performed in the ultra-luxury hospitals of our clinic in the region. In order to get rid of your belly and belly fat permanently, you can call our numbers on our website.

The best options and services are offered in liposuction fat removal procedures with Clinic Ever-Est. This operation can be completed in a short time in order to remove the fat and stubborn weight in your belly from your body. Thanks to the belly liposuction method, your fat cells are permanently removed from your body. You can call us to get a better view.

Belly liposuction is performed under general anesthesia. Our doctors will inform you about the steps to be taken regarding your aesthetic procedures in your abdominal region at your pre-operative meeting. In liposuction surgery in the region, the amount of fat to be vacuumed will be determined and the average operation time will be told to you. Generally, belly liposuction operations take between 2 and 3 hours. For the clearest information, of course, our doctor will convey the subject to you.

Call us now to see before and after pictures of previous liposuction operations.

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