Blepharoplasty Aesthetic Surgery

Successful operations are carried out in our clinic in Istanbul related to Blepharoplasty Aesthetic Surgery. We are at your service with our specialist doctors in the field of blepharoplasty.

It is a plastic surgery that includes the repair of droopy eyelids and the removal of excess skin and fat in these areas. When people age, there is tension in the eyelids due to the effect of gravity and genetic structure, and therefore, weakening of the muscles occurs. For this reason, excessive fat accumulation occurs in the eye traps of aging people and sagging may occur. This situation, which causes the upper parts to fall and the bags under the eyes to occur, causes a tired appearance in our facial features, as well as a limitation of the visual field.


This situation, which will make you look much older than normal, can cause serious sagging around your eyes. This situation in the upper and outer parts of your eye will cause a decrease in vision. With blepharoplasty, you will reduce and eliminate your vision problems. You can get support and information from Clinic Ever-Est experts in order to get a more vigorous look in your eyes, to look more alive and to look more awake.

Our doctors can decide whether blepharoplasty is necessary for you. You do not need to do this step by coming to our clinic in person. You can talk to our doctors on the customer support whatsapp line on the Clinic Ever-Est site and you can get information by sending us the pictures and the area around your eyes. In order to help you, you can reach our doctors without hesitation and get information from them.

You can learn what needs to be done to get rid of droopy and droopy eyelids completely by getting information from Clinic Ever-Est experts. If you think that your eyes are prevented from opening completely and your eyelids are slanted downwards, then you need this operation. Your vision will be better by removing excess tissue from your upper eyelids.


* If you have droopy upper eyelids.
* If you have excess skin on your lower eyelids.
* If you have under-eye bags.
* If there is excess skin on the upper eyelids that obstructs your vision.

In these cases, you definitely need this procedure. Of course, you can also choose it for special requests such as eyebrow lifting, face lift, skin rejuvenation. For blepharoplasty planning, please contact our specialist doctors on our whatsapp line. Our plastic surgery specialists will give you all the details about the subject and will let you know how comfortable the process will be.

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