Blepharoplasty Treatment

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EYE, one of the most important organs of humans, is also a communication tool. As a result of the deformities in our eyes, our social life and business life are negatively affected in some cases. Eyelid aesthetics is an operation that people need in all these situations. Since it is the most sensitive and thin part of the human body in eyelid aesthetic operations, it should be done by competent clinics and by specialist doctors.

In the signs of aging that start almost at the age of 30, tensions around the eyelid decrease and sagging and bagging occur due to the pressure of the fat tissues in it. Because of these situations, unhappy and unhealthy appearances occur in people. In women, this person has difficulty even when wearing makeup. It is inevitable that her make-up is invisible and smudges on the top cover.

Eyelid aesthetic operations to be performed through Clinic Ever-Est are carried out in a way that does not affect eye functions. Sagging may occur in the upper eyelids, and sagging and eye bags can be observed in your lower eyelids.

There will be some situations that you should pay attention to after our eyelid aesthetic operations. Our doctors will tell you this during the appointment or during the interview, after the operation. However, to briefly mention, if we need to briefly look at these situations, after the eyelid aesthetic operations, there will be a tape in your eye traps. These bands can prevent you from seeing for a while.

After eyelid aesthetic operations, cold application may be required to control the edema around your eyes. Although the bruises and swelling in your eyes increase in the first 2 days, they will begin to decrease after the 3rd day. In the first hours after the completion of the eyelid aesthetic operation, there may be some bleeding in the form of leakage in the band parts on the eye traps, which may increase during coughing and sneezing.

In order to reduce edema behind eyelid aesthetics, the head should be held high with a few pillows. After the operation, there may be complaints such as stinging in your eye, stretching around or burning. These complaints can be prevented thanks to the painkillers that our doctor has written for you.

A few days after the eyelid aesthetics performed in our clinic, tapes and stitches are removed. After removing the tape and stitches, the bruising and swelling will begin to disappear gradually.

Turkey´s highest quality that takes place in our clinic, you can get information on the eyelids of surgeons for aesthetic, you can request the price. Contact us immediately at the numbers on our website.

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