Body Aesthetics - Body Shaping Surgery

It is possible to achieve the image you want with the Body Shaping Surgery to be performed on the body lines after excessive weight loss. It is among the most common aesthetic operations performed by Clinic Ever-est doctors. In our country, this operation is performed by many successful doctors. In particular, tummy tuck procedures are the most demanded in this area. In addition to these, arm stretching procedures for sagging in the arm area are leg stretching procedures for sagging in your legs. In addition, butt lift and 360-degree body lift services are provided by the specialists of our clinic.

In the operations performed with Clinic Ever-Est specialist doctors, shapes are given to the tissues under the fat and skin. Your sagging fat and excess skin will be removed during our body aesthetic surgeries and your weight will also decrease. Your enlarged skin will remain unsupported and sagging situations will be prevented. With the operations we will do, it will be possible to achieve a much tighter appearance.


Abdominoplasty is one of the most requested aesthetic operations. This process, which is demanded by both men and women, is especially intense for individuals who lose weight. Our specialists serve for cracks and sagging in the abdominal region in postpartum women. We provide body aesthetics services in the best and most luxurious hospitals of Istanbul.

We also serve your arm lift requests with our specialist plastic surgery specialists. It is provided to stretch the arm meat that hangs down in the arm part and to remove the excess fat. In addition, we also provide leg lift service in body aesthetics. If you have sagging skin on the inner surfaces of your legs and on the inner parts of your kneecaps, we provide fat removal with a short procedure. You can contact us at our number on our website in order to receive leg lift aesthetics service on your legs and to get the most suitable offers for our other procedures.

Plastic surgeries are performed by Clinic Ever-Est doctors in the highest quality and luxury hospitals of the region. When it comes to body aesthetics, we serve many of our patients, both from within Istanbul and abroad. There are special methods that can be applied to almost every part of your body. At the beginning of these, the most applied technique in our clinic is the liposution technique. In addition to tummy tuck surgeries and liposuction, we perform arm stretching, thigh stretching, back stretching, butt lift, butt lift, chest aesthetics, etc. within the scope of body aesthetics in our clinic.


Within the scope of body aesthetic procedures, procedures can be performed in almost any area that you want to look beautiful. You can exchange information about the service you want to receive with our doctors by accessing the numbers on the corporate website of our clinic, and you can access the before and after images of our doctors related to the aesthetic surgery you want to receive.

It is possible to get preliminary information about body aesthetics via Whatsapp. Due to the current pandemic conditions, you can get pre-examination service from our doctors without visiting our clinic and you can benefit from aesthetic procedures at the most affordable prices.

Before the operation you want, we know your anatomical and genetic features and we provide information about the desired surgery before aesthetics. We create new body lines without any problems for almost all visitors who apply for body aesthetics. With Clinic Ever-Est, we apply the best body shaping and body aesthetic procedures. Especially with the liposuction method, which we receive the most demand, excess fat is removed and the areas of the body you do not like are corrected.

All aesthetic surgeries or non-surgical aesthetic options on our website are offered to you at the most affordable prices. For detailed information and interviews, you can make a preliminary meeting with our specialist doctors via the WHATSAPP support line on the website. Our clinic usually welcomes guests from abroad. However, although it is rare, we want to help our domestic patients and we can offer this service, which is provided by the best doctors, to our domestic patients. You can access a lot of information about Body Aesthetics on this website prepared for you. We perform aesthetic operations with our specialist doctors. In order to get information about body aesthetic surgeries performed by plastic surgeons, you can read the contents of our website or talk to our doctors using the numbers in the Ask a Question section. Our clinic is located in Istanbul. In our clinic, where we generally host our guests from abroad and perform aesthetic operations, we also serve those who want to deliver themselves to the right hands in the country. All operations are performed by plastic surgeons in our clinic.

Our country is full of doctors who have proven themselves in this field compared to other countries. Istanbul is visited from all over the world for aesthetic operations and aesthetic operations are preferred especially for body shaping. In our clinic, body aesthetic procedures such as tummy tuck, liposuction, arm stretching, butt lift, butt lift are usually performed.


Clinic Ever-Est doctors are at your service to remove some uncomfortable areas on people´s bodies and points that can be considered as aesthetic defects. Most of the services we provide in body aesthetics are available on our website. You can get information about the aesthetic operation you requested by examining the relevant service titles.

Scars occur after some people´s adverse living conditions, accidents, etc. These scars disrupt both the external appearance and some functional areas of people. Aesthetic operations are personal. Each individual procedure is carried out. It is our duty to successfully make the functions of human bodies desirable in order to create an aesthetic appearance. Aesthetics listens to the requests of open people and evaluations are made within the scope of our doctors´ opinions and medical compliance.

You can contact our doctors immediately to learn about visual body problems and operational demands and the prices of body aesthetics. You can contact our doctors in person by calling our numbers on our corporate website or on our whatsapp line. Every woman has a desire to have an aesthetically perfect appearance. We evaluate these requests and demands and in a short time we bring you the body of your dreams.

We have listed the aesthetic operations offered for you at Clinic Ever-Est one by one.

Body Aesthetic Operations

Leg Aesthetics; In order for the lower leg and the upper leg to be compatible and look properly, leg aesthetics service is provided for you in our clinic.

Abdominal Aesthetics; Removal of sagging in the abdomen and removal of fat are among the most demanded. You can call us immediately to get information about tummy tuck surgeries.

Buttock Augmentation; It is among the leading trends of the last period. It is no longer a dream to have BBL and butt lift, butt enlargement, rounded butt and hips with shaped lines. In our clinic, hip aesthetic operations are performed with the best doctors.

liposuction; You can have a perfect body thanks to fat removal operations. Contact us for a more curvy body.

With Arm Lift Aesthetics, Brachioplasty, procedures are performed with methods suitable for you in sagging skin on the arm. It is in your hands to look young and dynamic with more alive, more stretched arms. You can contact us immediately for arm lift aesthetic procedures.

Brazilian butt; Get more even, more shaped hips with BBL. You can contact us immediately for BBL, which is one of the most popular aesthetic operations recently.

For all these aesthetic operations and more, you can interview our doctors online and make some decisions online. We recommend that you follow the Clinic Ever-Est INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT for the before and after images of our operations.

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