Breast Aesthetics

You can meet the best of breast aesthetics in our clinic, where plastic surgeons have been operating in this sector for many years. With our experienced team, we have provided many successful operations both at home and abroad for you. You have the right to live in the body of your dreams. Thanks to the breast aesthetics performed with Clinic Ever-Est, your breast area will have an ideal appearance and you will be more peaceful and happier.

You can access a lot of information about breast aesthetics on our website and if you wish, you can request before and after images from our clinic´s whatsapp line. In our clinic, all of the operations are performed by plastic surgery specialists who are experts in their field. Breast augmentation is the most commonly used breast augmentation operation. However, apart from this, we have a huge staff that can listen to the demands of our visitors and perform all the steps and transactions.

In our clinic, Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation, Breast Augmentation and Lifting, Breast Fat Injection procedures, Breast repair and Gynecomastia operations are performed with the best staff and the best equipment for you, our valued visitors.

It is your right to get the most detailed information about all these services from our doctors. You can talk to our doctors in person via the whatsapp line on our website. We always send our patients from our clinic satisfied with breast augmentation operations and other procedures. Clinic Ever-Est, which has a high satisfaction rate and successful operations, is as close as a phone call to you.

In order to get information about breast and breast aesthetics, you can have a meeting with our specialist doctors on our site and you can send your questions to our doctors. We are at your service with our plastic surgeons specialized in breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift surgeries.

As Clinic Ever-Est, you can call our support numbers on our website to learn about the opportunities and campaign prices we offer to you. By contacting our specialists today, you can have your breast aesthetic operations in our plastic surgeons and modern hospitals who are experts in their field. Call us now for perfect breasts. When you call, please also request before and after images taken in our previous surgeries.

We cannot post before and after photos due to the ban on our site, but you can request these images from our doctors during your interviews with us.


Clinic Ever-Est patients, where you can get service for all breast aesthetic operations in Istanbul, usually come from abroad. Our aesthetic operations performed in high-quality hospitals with our successful doctors in our city bring patients from many countries around the world to the city. When it comes to breast aesthetics in the city of Istanbul, we do these procedures with the first doctors that come to mind.

With years of experience, we offer 100% customer satisfaction with our doctors, professional team and healthcare personnel who are especially successful in breast operations. Breast sagging is a natural condition. The gravity in the world can cause sagging in the human body over the years. Of course, the process during the breastfeeding period of mothers, weight gain, weight loss and aging are among the reasons for this sagging.


There is a very, very easy way to tell if you have sagging breasts, just go in front of the mirror and try this simple method. Look at your nipples when you come across a mirror in your home, if your nipples stay above the fold lines of your breasts, you have an ideal breast. If it is equal to the line, it means that it is light and if it is at the bottom of the line, you have sagging breasts.

In these cases, we ensure that you do not worry at all and that you can have more upright breasts with breast sagging operations that our clinic will offer you. Call us immediately to get information about breast sagging surgeries, to meet with our doctors, and for pre and post pictures of breast sagging procedures performed by our clinic.


We provide erect breasts with successful operations for mothers who leave the breastfeeding period, mothers with sagging breasts as a sign of old age, loss of the elastic structure of the breast, and those with sagging breasts.

Breast lift and breast recovery surgeries to be performed by the plastic surgeons serving at Clinic Ever-Est will be completed within an average of 2 hours during the day. Tissue fasciae will be removed after breast recovery operations. Since it is a surgical procedure to be placed in an ideal position at the beginning of your breast, the procedures will be at the bottom of your breast lines, but the scar will be reduced in a very short time.

You can reach us to get information about "breast lift" operations, to get answers to your questions and to see the pictures before and after breast lift surgeries performed by our doctors.

In our clinic, all operations on our website are successfully performed by our plastic surgeons. As Clinic Ever-Est, all our operations are performed by specialist doctors.

* Breast Asymmetry Correction
* Male Gynecomastia
* Breast Reduction
* Breast Lift
* Breast Augmentation
* Breast Reconstruction (Breast repair)

You can visit our clinic or get information from our whatsapp line for such operations.

Frequently Asked Breast Aesthetic Questions

Who can have breast aesthetics?

* Anyone over the age of 18 can have breast surgery. It is appropriate to have a breast aesthetic surgery for anyone who does not have a medical problem.

Is there a risky situation in breast aesthetics?

* The most up-to-date methods in breast aesthetics are performed by the doctors of our clinic in high-end hospitals using the latest technology devices. Our plastic surgeons are people who have completed numerous successful surgeries in this field. Your breast aesthetic operations will be completed without risk.

How much are breast aesthetics prices?

* In order to give the price of breast aesthetics, the patient and the doctor must be consulted. The prices are determined according to the breast operation requested by the person and the method to be applied. All of the hospitals served by our clinic are in the concept of 5-star hotels. Our hospitals are sterile and well-equipped hospitals and the prices to be given according to our environment to be used for these areas will be very reasonable.

How long does breast aesthetic surgery take?

* Breast aesthetic surgeries are among the operations that are painless and comfortable. Generally, it takes an average of 2 hours. General anesthesia method is applied during breast aesthetic surgeries. For this reason, you will not feel any pain or ache during the surgery.

Will there be any scars after breast aesthetics?

* In breast aesthetics, the incision area is opened from the point where the brown part at the head of your breasts meets your skin or from the armpit line. This 3 - 4 cm incision varies according to the operation. Since the incisions are very small, the scars disappear in a short time.

For questions and problems that you have in mind, you can contact us via the Ask a Question on our website or via the WhatsApp support line.
All our visitors can benefit from breast aesthetic procedures. Breast aesthetics can be performed for those who are not satisfied with the shape of the breast and those who are not satisfied with the size of the breast. Expert, proven and reliable doctors of our clinic, where successful surgeries and aesthetic procedures that we have been practicing for many years, are at your service. In order to feel good and gain self-confidence, we recommend that you do not decide on breast aesthetics without calling us. You are at the right address to get the breasts of your dreams.

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