Breast Augmentation Surgerys

By reviewing this content in which we convey information about Breast Augmentation Surgery, you can have a detailed view before the operation and you can get the best prices from our doctors.

You will have a more natural, upright and tighter breast by eliminating the sagging without a volume reduction in your breasts. It is seen that sagging breasts generally occur after birth. Or it may occur after excessive weight gain or loss. It is very easy to get information about breast lift procedures and to have stronger and upright breasts as before.

In the surgeries to be performed to straighten your breasts, our expert plastic surgeons and procedures are performed in our ultra-luxury hospitals in our region. We perform these surgeries with the best breast lift specialist doctors in Istanbul. After our doctors examine your wishes and body structure during the examination, it is possible for you to present upright breasts and have natural looking breasts. With the correction of sagging breasts, women will feel better and their self-confidence will increase. You can choose Clinic Ever-Est doctors to have a younger appearance.


If you want to get services from specialist plastic surgeons for breast (breast) augmentation procedures, you are in the right place. Unfortunately, we cannot share before and after pictures with you on our website. However, in order to see our pre-post images regarding this operation, you can write to us on our WhatsApp support line or contact us on our Instagram account.

We provide our services with our competent, knowledgeable and experienced doctors who have performed many successful operations for you. You can work with Clinic Ever-Est for successful operations in our ultra-luxury hospitals in our region.

During our examinations, our doctors will offer you our recommendations according to your body structure. Everyone´s breast size and shape are different. Our plastic surgeons do the planning of breast lift surgeries separately for each patient. When you come to our practice in Istanbul, our plastic surgeons will listen to your requests and expectations and will decide with you the right choice in this direction. Breast lift operations are performed without any change in the size of your breasts.

ATTENTION: In some cases, there are cases such as extremely sagging breast and small breast. Breast augmentation may be required for breast lift procedures. In order to achieve the most natural and efficient results, a lift will be performed after breast augmentation. If our patients with sagging breasts have small breasts, it is necessary to bring together the necessary procedures for both enlarging the breast with a prosthesis and lifting the breast.


A very small scar will remain after breast and breast lift operations. There will be a round mark around the nipple and a straight line going downwards. The scars are closing over time. You can personally interview our doctors about the subject and ask your questions directly to our doctors via our WhatsApp number.

For a correct and effective operation, you can call our clinic and learn the prices. Our plastic surgeons working in our clinic have carried out hundreds of successful operations in the field of "breast lift operations".

Call us now for breast lift operation at the best prices.

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