Breast Lifting Surgery

In our clinic, we give form to your breasts that have lost their elasticity related to breastfeeding, sagging due to old age, and we do the straightening application with our specialist doctors.

Go in front of a mirror to see if you have breast sagging, if your nipples are on your breast fold lines, everything is super and fine. If your nipples are at the bottom of your breast fold lines, you have breast sagging, and if they are aligned, you have a slight breast sagging. Clinic Ever-Est is at your service for your breast lift, mastopexy needs.

For many women, saggy breasts are a cause for concern. Over time, as the age progresses, some people lose their breast aesthetics and begin to compromise their dynamic shape. All causes such as weight loss, heavy diet programs, pregnancy, aging, gravity and breastfeeding can cause sagging in the breasts. If you are satisfied with your breast sizes and you are not satisfied with your sagging breasts, we are here. Clinic Ever-Est is at your service for tightened breasts in sagging breast surgery.

You can talk to our doctors before breast lift operations. What are your expectations from your breasts, our clinical doctors will listen to them and some basic information will be taken from you for the operation. For example, the size of your breasts, your skin condition, your age, your breast shape, whether you have a child and whether you have thought about it later or not, the new location of the nipple will be noted during the interview with our patients and all information about the operation details will be presented to you before the breast lift operation.

Who Can Have Breast Aesthetic Surgery?

Unfortunately, non-surgical solutions do not help in breast lift operations. You can have magnificent breasts as a result of small surgical operations and breast (breast) lifting operations. All women over the age of 18 can undergo breast surgery. Anyone who has completed breast development and does not have a problem in breast surgery can have breast aesthetic surgery.

Why Do Breasts Sag?

There may be many reasons for breast sagging. There may be reductions in breast tissues due to sagging due to aging and breast sagging due to hormonal reasons. The reduction in this breast tissue may cause the breasts to empty and sag. Sagging of the breasts of mothers during breastfeeding is more prone than other women. To give a brief information, breasts full of milk grow and shrink after breastfeeding, this situation is repeated during the time the baby is nursing and naturally, the breasts sag in the face of this situation.

In some breast wraps, this is not related to birth or old age, it starts from a very early age. It may be a situation that is completely caused by the weakness of the mother´s bonds. You can contact our clinic to get excellent results in breast aesthetics. We use the best methods and latest technology devices in breast lift operations. Our plastic surgeons, who are experts in their fields, are at your service in breast lift surgeries.

Breast Lift operations are generally completed within a period of time depending on the size of the sagging in the breast.

For detailed information and any questions you may have, you can reach Clinic Ever-Est from the numbers on the contact page. Call us now for the best prices and highest quality results in breast lift surgeries.

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