Breast Reduction in Men

You can get the information you are wondering about Breast Reduction surgery (Gynecomastia) in men, the recommendations you will receive for the surgery and price offers from our doctors, via our website in a short time.

With the gynecomastia operation to be performed with our Aesthetic Surgery Specialist doctors, you can be discharged on the same day in the breast aesthetic procedures in men. You can return to your normal life in a short time (1 - 2 days). Our job is to find a solution for breast enlargement for men. As Clinic Ever-Est, we solve your gynecomastia problems in a short time. Among the aesthetic operations performed in men, gynecomastia surgery is the most preferred. We are at your side with the most suitable and special options for this operation.

In gynecomastia aesthetic procedures, our doctors will present the necessary steps and what needs to be done during the pre-interview and pre-examination with you. Techniques to be applied in order to provide an aesthetically beautiful appearance are presented to you. Liposuction method is often preferred because there will be fat removal in gynecomastia procedures.


The chest muscles of the patients who are applied this method become more noticeable. With gynecomastia surgery, the person can achieve a more athletic and more natural appearance. If you are in a research to perform this surgery, you should definitely ask plastic surgeons to perform this surgery. In this field, we provide procedures with our plastic surgeons and aesthetic specialists in our clinic.

Shaping the body will increase the quality of your life. When you decide to have aesthetic procedures, you can call the phone numbers on our website, which you have examined immediately. At the same time, we have offered our WhatsApp line on our website so that we can answer your questions instantly. You can talk to our doctors via the given number and get opinions on the issues you are curious about.


You can request images for previous gynecomastia aesthetic operations in our clinic. In male breast reduction surgeries, there are before and after photos of our patients in a way that their identities will be kept confidential. You can contact us at the numbers on our contact page to see these and witness the success of Clinic Ever-Est doctors in this field.


We carry out these procedures with our specialist plastic surgeons working in our clinic at prices less than half the price you will receive for this operation abroad. In your searches to find the right surgeon, we recommend that you do not make a decision without meeting with Clinic Ever-Est and consulting our doctors. It will be sufficient for our visitors who are out of the city or abroad to send photos of the chest area from the opposite side and from the side to our whatsapp number on our site, to receive information about the payment amount to be given for this operation and other details.

Do not make a decision for gynecomastia operations without calling our clinic in Istanbul.

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