Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast (Breast) Reduction Surgery - Breast Reduction You can access the necessary information for this surgical procedure, which is defined as reduction mammaplasty in medical language, on our Clinic Ever-Est site and you can reach us for all the questions you have in mind.

Breasts are among the most important factors determining femininity in women. In case of large breasts in women, it affects the quality of social life. In addition to the fact that women with large breasts look more fat, they may not be able to wear the clothes they want. The presence of large breasts in women also indicates that some deformities occur in the human skeleton. For example, some patients have neck bends and some patients have forward bends. In addition to these, it is known that it occurs with a large breast (chest) in its symptoms such as neck pain, back pain and neck pain.

In women with large breasts, sweating, the appearance of a nasty issue under the breast, rashes and some dermatic problems also bring with it. Some women want to have breast reduction surgery due to these reasons, and some of our patients complain of sagging breasts. In order to have a beautiful breast, we have doctors who have been serving you for many years in our clinic. The ideal breast size for women who will undergo breast reduction surgery is determined based on the person´s height, weight, shoulder and hip widths. Of course, we also pay attention to the dimensions that the person will prefer in his / her external appearance and make a decision in one-to-one interviews with our patient.

In our clinic, in addition to the reduction of the large breasts, the lifting of the sagging breasts during the breastfeeding period, etc. Breast reduction operation, which will take between 2 and 4 hours depending on the size of the breast, is performed by removing the skin and breast tissues. After the breast reduction operation is completed, small incisions and stitch marks will disappear within an average of 3 to 4 months and your skin will turn into its own color.

The purpose of our breast reduction surgeries is to ensure that you have symmetrical and aesthetic breasts in the sizes requested by our patient, in equal sizes.

Our preference for breast plastic surgery is that you are over the age of 18. Because in women, the breast starts with the development of puberty and this development continues until approximately 18 years of age. Breast reduction surgery is not only an aesthetic surgery but also an operation that will increase your quality of life and make you happy. We will ask you to hang a weight of at least 4 kilograms down your neck in order to understand women with large breasts (breast) about breast reduction surgery, which will increase your quality of life other than happiness, how difficult it is when you spend 1 - 2 hours with this weight. you will understand and immediately feel the pain in your neck. It is quite normal for women who want to have breast reduction surgery to want to get rid of these weights.

Breast Reduction Surgery is a very comfortable and easy plastic surgery surgery for women with large and sagging breasts. We answer all the questions you want to ask in order to remove problems such as how do I do it, where do I have it done, etc. when you reach us through our numbers on our contact page. You can call our numbers on our website at any time and get information about Breast Reduction surgeries.

All of the doctors that you will feel safe are at your service in our clinic. There will be some rules that you must follow and do after the surgery, our doctor will explain them to you during your visit and will demand that you strictly obey.

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