Butt (Hip) Aesthetic Surgeries

We offer you butt aesthetics with a magnificent appearance with our expert staff in Butt (Hip) Aesthetic Surgery. For detailed information, visit our site now.

Thanks to the aesthetic surgery methods performed in our clinic, you can achieve your dreams of a smooth and tight butt. In line with the increasing demands for Latin-style butts, protruding and rounded butts, cellulite-free butts, we carry out the procedures for you in our clinic with our specialist doctors. Butt aesthetics is a great way out for flattened and saggy buttocks. Our plastic surgery department is at your service to get rid of shapeless buttocks due to excessive weight gain and loss.

You can review and follow our social media accounts by clicking the link https://www.instagram.com/cliniceverest/ to examine the images of some aesthetic operations performed in our clinic recently.

We are at your side with our services such as butt enlargement, butt lift, Brazilian butt, which you will prefer to have a different and beautiful appearance. Those who are not satisfied with the appearance of their butts and those who have deformities in their buttocks as they get older can apply to this type of aesthetic surgery.

With the help of butt prostheses, the operations of enlargement or straightening of your hips are performed by our company through our specialist doctors. Butt plastic surgeries to be performed by our clinic can be performed in fully equipped hospital environments. On average, a standard butt surgery can take 2-3 hours on average. Immediately after butt plastic surgery, the person should lie in the prone position for a few days. Of course, the patient who underwent surgery can also lie in the side position. In butt augmentation aesthetics, augmentation can be performed with silicone prosthesis. Silicones to be applied can be in various sizes and anatomical shapes.

Laser liposiction technique is used in butt lift operation. Thanks to this technique to be used, excess fat is removed and the buttocks will be lifted with the effect of the laser. Thanks to the laser liposuction effect, the cellulites in the butt and the irregularities seen will disappear.

What Is Done In Butt Aesthetics?

All butt aesthetic procedures can be done in our clinic for our valued visitors. You can contact us through our numbers on our website for any questions and problems you may have. Fat transfer and silicone butt prostheses can be used in butt augmentation. At the same time, in our clinic, where butt stretching is also performed, this procedure gives a new look to the butt and can be achieved by using suspension methods.

Butt silicone is similar to breast silicone. They are specially designed because they are specially prepared according to the area of ??application. Butt silicone application processes are among the most preferred services in the world. After the butt silicone procedure to be applied under the muscle, there is no feeling, it does not affect the normal life of the person.

You can call Clinic Ever-Est phone numbers immediately for the procedure you request from butt aesthetic procedures. You can access all the information and find out the prices by contacting us from the phone numbers on the contact page in the website menus you are viewing.

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