Closed Nose Aesthetic Surgery

There are two different methods of nasal aesthetics, open and closed. In open nose aesthetics, an incision is made in the skin between the nostrils and the nasal skin is removed. Open nose aesthetics will be more advantageous since the internal structures of the nose are in front of the doctor so that the structures of the nose are visible. In closed rhinoplasty surgeries, in contrast to open surgery, incisions are made through the nostrils. It is entered here for nose aesthetic procedures. When the closed method is used, there is no trace seen from the outside. Closed rhinoplasty surgery is very difficult and requires experience from a doctor´s point of view.

Thanks to technological developments, Closed (Scarless) Rhinoplasty surgeries, which are performed without leaving any traces when viewed from the outside, are possible with Clinic Ever-Est.

In our clinic, we perform rhinoplasty surgeries by applying two techniques. We can decide together with our patient according to the nose condition. We will decide which technique to choose based on the nose structure.

When the nose is examined, if we do not face a functional or dramatic problem, closed nose aesthetic surgery is probably preferred with the examination by our doctors. If correction is to be made in a nose aesthetic you have had before or if it is requested again, it may not be possible to choose a closed nose aesthetic surgery. You can visit Clinic Ever-Est for examination in order to learn the most suitable method for the nose.

Closed nose aesthetics, which is a scarless nose surgery, is the most preferred aesthetic technique in our country with its many advantages. There is no incision in the nose and does not leave any traces on your skin that you are aesthetic. Closed nose aesthetics (rhinoplasty) is a technique that can be performed without cutting the skin outside of your nose. As with open nose aesthetics, the skin in the middle of the nose will not be cut. All interventions to be performed in Closed Rhinoplasty surgery technique are performed from the inside of the nose.

Advantages of Closed Nose Aesthetics

* Edema removal and healing process will progress faster in rhinoplasty with closed technique.

* In the application of closed rhinoplasty surgery, the soft tissues in the nose will not be damaged and you will get a more natural appearance for this reason.

* People who have a closed nose aesthetic surgery do not have any muscle or tissue damage in their noses.

* In closed nose surgeries, no incisions are applied in any area on the outside of the nose. For this reason, there will be no scars on the nose and around it.

In order to learn about closed nose aesthetic surgery and to learn the answers to your questions, you can contact us on our contact page or consult our specialist doctors through our WhatsApp line on our site.

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