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You can access a lot of information about the Botox service for the Eye Contour, which our specialist doctors use the most in our clinic. Clinic Ever-Est, which opened from Turkey to many European countries in Botox procedures, welcomes many guests from both our country and the world every year. After the appearance of lines and some wrinkles on the facial lines, these wrinkles tend to increase due to laughing, crying, frowning and other situations. There are many modern treatment methods for these appearances around the eyes. However, BOTOKS is the most preferred topic in our title. Botox treatment for the eye area allows you to achieve results with an easy and fast process.

Wrinkles can be removed with Botox, but there will also be a demand to preserve the youthful appearance. We repeat these procedures for an average of 4-6 months for many patients who visit our clinic. In the botox process that we will apply on these wrinkles, which are called crow´s feet, the distance between your eyebrows and your eyes will widen and you will be able to have younger eyes and a more fresh appearance.


Clinic Ever-Est is located in Istanbul. For botox procedures around the eyes, our plastic surgery doctors are experts in their field. We minimize the appearance of wrinkles by blocking the nerve endings that will cause the muscles to contract. It is known as a good treatment for all kinds of wrinkle reduction. However, it should not be forgotten that Botox treatment will not provide a full recovery in areas with soft tissue atrophy, shrinkage of fine lines caused by cosmetics and sun damage. For this reason, first of all, you should allow our doctors to examine you in your choice of botox treatment in your eye area.

Our patients in Istanbul can come to our address on the site or by making an appointment by phone, they can be examined and get information about the process. However, for our patients who want to visit outside the province or even outside the country, an online interview will be sufficient.

These patients, if they wish, can directly talk to our doctors via our Whatsapp line on our website and provide pre-examination procedures from here.

Thanks to the botox procedure to be performed around the eyes, it can be used to smile, frown, etc. The wrinkles in the facial expressions and the fine lines in the area are eliminated and the person gets a young and natural appearance. You can contact us for all the issues you are wondering about botox, which is both a safe and effective method.

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