Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery Prices

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Say goodbye to the meaningless looks on your face with eyelid aesthetics. This operation, known as BLEFAROPLASTY, is very important for the appearance of the eye and surrounding face. With the advancement of age and aging, some changes occur around the eyes and mouth. Human skin is elastic. As the years pass, this elastic structure of our skin decreases. 30 When we reach the age of 35, downward shifts can be seen in our forehead and eyebrows. The drooping of the eyelids occurs with the excess of the skin in the upper eyelids. Due to aging, there may be problems such as collapses, bags and sagging in our lower eyelids.

Our clinic doctors do a lot of eyelid surgery due to reasons such as looking tired, looking dull, looking older than they are. Most of Clinic Ever-Est visitors receive service from the best doctors in the region for eyelid aesthetics.


Our skin, which loosens as a result of weakening of the skin and face with advancing age, brings with it some effects around our eyes. Our plastic surgeons serve you in our clinic for all of the droopy eyelids, under-eye bags and lifting of the eyelids.

In eyelid aesthetic operations, the excess skin around the eyes is removed and the sagging of the lids is eliminated. Our doctors perform a physical examination and present the appropriate stages and procedures for this condition that comes with the aging of the eyelids. It is a disease that can be seen in all men and women of middle age and above.


One of the most frequently asked questions from our patients during these operations was "Can I have my under-eye bags removed during the eyelid lift surgery?" The answer of the specialist doctors of our clinic is as follows; Yes it can be taken. If you wish, your under-eye bags can be taken with your consent, within the notes taken by our doctors during the examination made with you during your eyelid lift procedures.

As Clinic Ever-Est, we have been providing aesthetic services in Istanbul Bakırköy for many years. All of the services you request from our clinic are provided in ultra-luxury, high-end hospitals in our region. You can have all these operations done comfortably, reliably and quickly in the contracted hospitals of our clinic. Our expert plastic surgeons continue to serve you.

After our Eyelid Aesthetic operations, the fat bags in the sagging parts of your eyelids are removed and the excess skin is destroyed. For the procedures to be performed during these procedures, an incision is made from your lid folds and the tissues are intervened. The scars opened for these procedures are in the folds of your upper eyelids and under your eyelashes in your lower eyelids. You should follow the recommendations of our doctors regarding the disappearance of scars.

These services you want to receive from our clinic are provided in our hospitals. All our operations on the eyelid are covered with local anesthesia. You can contact us via our website, which you can review immediately, for your problems with your eye-catching and get the best prices.

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