Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery

Get A More Aesthetic Look With Eyelid Surgery! One of the most effective procedures for low eyelid is eyelid surgery.

In our clinic, we can apply blepharoplasty, ie eyelid aesthetics, to the lower and upper eyelids. We welcome our guests from all over the world for these aesthetic operations performed by our plastic surgeon specialists, which are directed to the removal of sagging skin and excess muscle tissues and the stretching of the tissues around the eyes.

In this surgical method, which is applied to improve the appearance of your eyelids, the application on the upper lid and the lower lid can be done separately or both. You can reach us so that people can improve their eyelids or solve problems in their eyelids.

With the aging of people (with the effect of gravity), sagging of the skin may occur. There may be some findings such as eyelid bags, skin enlargement, changes in color, loosening, and wrinkles. The aging of the skin accelerates due to the exposure of people to sunlight and air pollution. In fact, factors such as irregular sleep, excessive cigarette consumption, excessive alcohol consumption are among the accelerating situations.

Our skin is elastic. With aging, the skin will lose its elasticity and these losses will be in the first eyelids. The conditions seen on the basis of some eyelid changes are as follows. There may be some situations such as bagging under the eyes, color changes under the eyes, drooping of the upper eyelid, wrinkles and sagging on the eyelid skin, crow´s feet at the edges of the eyes, sliding eyelids that present a tired facial expression.

For eyelid aesthetic procedures, you can call our company immediately and get the answer to any question you want from our specialist doctors. There may be enlargements in the upper eyelids in the skin loosening that will appear on your eyelids. This is a situation that prevents even vision in some people. In some people, droopy eyebrows and foreheads can cause droopy eyelids.

It is known that the scars that will appear with the incision lines before the eyelid aesthetics are designed in such a way that a natural structure around the eyelid is hidden. The person´s upper lid can be arranged with a cut through a natural fold above the eye. It allows the muscles in the eyelids to be tightened and removed in depth by the removal or repositioning of fat deposits.

This situation can be arranged with an incision to be opened just below the lower lash line in the lower eyelid aesthetic operation. Excess skin in the lower eyelid is removed in this way and the excess fat is repositioned and removed as in the upper eyelid.

You can immediately reach the phone numbers of Clinic Ever-Est for eyelid aesthetic operations from the contact page of the website you are examining.

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