Face Fat Removal Liposuction

You can reach our doctors from our numbers on our corporate website to get information about our operations where we have applied fat removal liposuction method, prices of facial liposuction method and more.

In general, people look overweight and older due to the excess fat accumulated in the cheek area. In these cases, operations that can yield successful results are performed in our clinic. We perform our surgeries in high-end hospitals in our region. There may be many reasons for facial fat deposits. You may have puffy cheeks even if you are thin due to having oily facial features.

In these cases, we eliminate these fat deposits on your face together with the facial liposuction method. This aesthetic operation on the face is an important and demanding procedure. By paying attention to under-the-counter businesses, you should choose companies, clinics and hospitals where doctors will perform your operations personally. With the operations to be performed in our clinic, you can now see the thin cheeks, which will reshape the facial contours of the people and make the cheekbones clear, when you look at the mirror.

However, you can definitely have these procedures performed by specialist physicians.

Facial liposuctions to be performed by non-specialist physicians may bring troublesome situations.

What are the Advantages of Facial Liposuction Operation?

* Fillers and botox applications after fat removal in the cheek area will create more effective results on the face of people.

* Surgical incisions are made from the inside of the mouth and therefore it is known as a scarless facial aesthetics.

* By focusing on the part on the chin line of the person, the inner appearance of the cheek is thinned and the jawline line becomes clear.

* Hollywood cheek effect can be created thanks to the prominence in the cheekbone.

* Chubby cheek appearance on the face of the people disappears, cheeks become thinner.

For more information and details, you can call our numbers on our site immediately and learn about liposuction prices from the best doctors in their field.

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