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Facelift Surgeries - Clinic Ever-Est can offer you great prices for all the information you are looking for and surgeries performed entirely by specialist doctors.

Facelift surgery, which is the operation that will create the most change in the person among all aesthetic surgeries. When we look at facelift surgery, it is a method that is valid for the whole of the middle face, lower face and neck of this type, which is called classical, total, full facelift. Some different methods are used in facelift surgery methods. In the interview with the patient, which method will be used in facelift surgeries, attention is paid to the patient´s age, health status, smoking status, gender, the degree of aging on the face, the patient´s skin condition and facial bone structure.

As Clinic Ever-Est, we listen to the demands of our patients and provide maximum recovery of the soft tissue and connective tissues, which we call SMAS, located under the skin in face lift surgeries, and we ensure that the skin is stretched (healed).

In completely facelift aesthetic surgery procedures, our application, which can take the result of the surgery even further, is aimed at shaping the areas needed by your face with fat transfers from different parts of the person. Clinic Ever-Est performs some procedures such as TCA Peeling and CO2 Laser in order to make your skin look better and rejuvenate after the surgery. On average, in full facelift aesthetics, the person can return to his work and social life between 14 days and 30 days.

Of course, in some cases, facelift surgery can be performed outside the concept of plastic surgery. Facelift operations that can be performed as a result of a medical requirement are not only preferred by women in recent years. Facelift procedures, which are very popular among today´s men, are also preferred for men to recover skin loosening and sagging.

For example; The sagging of the skin as a result of the patients losing serious weight after bariatric surgery disturbs the individuals who have become fit and weak. Facelift techniques can be easily applied to these patients.

Clinic by a team of doctors fully Ever-Est is located in Turkey make their cosmetic surgery. Those who are in the sector, who only do this job and want to learn about our facelift surgeries that will be performed by specialist doctors, can contact us immediately on our contact page.

If you want to facelift cosmetic surgery in Turkey, call us to decide.

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