Genital Aesthetics

Genital aesthetic procedures, which can be applied to both sexes, aim to improve the appearance, functionality of your genitals and during intercourse. These procedures, which can be applied with surgical or non-surgical techniques, mainly include the procedures performed by the plastic surgery doctors of the genitals of individuals. It offers a permanent solution for many situations.

Types of Genital Aesthetics in Women

* Augmentation Labiaplasty
* Reduction Labioplasty
* Clitoroplasty
* Vagina Tightening Surgery
* Hymen Stitching

Some procedures can also be performed on men. For example, men can also have some plastic surgeries in order to feel good during sexual intercourse and to please their partners, and with these procedures, procedures can be performed to eliminate erection problems and to cover the penis and its surroundings with a more aesthetic appearance. You can get information from our clinic for penis enlargement, penis lengthening, etc. surgeries.

Clinic Ever-Est carries out successful works in order to eliminate sexual reluctance, loss of self-confidence and genital problems for many reasons. You can get information from our numbers on our website for genital area aesthetic surgeries.

You can access a lot of information about Genital Aesthetics from the Clinic Ever-Est corporate website. Deformities in this region can be congenital or acquired. In order to eliminate these problems, some operations can be performed by specialist plastic surgery doctors in our clinic. Self-confidence deficiencies could occur in individuals due to deformities in the genital area. Our doctors serve in our ultra-luxury hospitals in order to resolve these issues, which have negative effects on women´s sexual life, and also in daily life. You can get service from us in these situations, which can cause sexual reluctance over time, cause discharge, and cause serious problems such as anxiety during intercourse. We are here to solve all kinds of problems related to the sexual region.

Thanks to the advancing medicine in our country and in the world, solutions to many problems can be created. Our doctors have participated in numerous successful surgeries for problems in the genital areas of women. You are at the right address for the development of the muscles in the genital area, the process of narrowing the diameter of the vagina, reshaping and restoring it. Aesthetic operations for the external appearance of the vagina are called LABIOPLASTY or PERINEOPLASTI. VAGINOPLASTY is the aesthetic procedures related to the internal structure of the vagina. In our clinic, applications related to problems related to vaginal width or the size of the inner lips are usually received and procedures are performed. You don´t need to feel bad because of this issue that causes sagging, our doctors perform the procedures in our contracted hospitals and we support you in regaining your self-confidence and enjoying your sexual intercourse in a short time.

Genital Aesthetic Prices

All of the female genital area surgical applications are performed by Clinic Ever-Est doctors. You can get labiaplasty surgery prices, vaginoplasty surgery prices and cliteroplasty surgery prices from our clinic. With the advancing age, the fat ratio in the body increases and the outer lips are enlarged. You can get information from our doctors for inner lip reduction aesthetics and other procedures.

You can get information by making a preliminary interview with our doctors to get information about genital aesthetic prices and procedures. You can get information and support from our experts by writing to the WHATSAPP information line number on our website.

Genital aesthetics encompasses many procedures such as removing excess oil available in this area, increasing the volume with filling, removing sagging, opening the color, shrinking the inner lips, and narrowing the vagina. Genital area aesthetics, by improving the genital muscles, narrowing and reshaping the diameter of the vagina, restores it. Labiaplasty or perineoplasty is an aesthetic procedure for the outer appearance of the vagina, while vaginoplasty is for the internal structure of the vagina.

 The genital area is a large area that starts from the lower abdomen and continues to the groin (Pubis), outer and inner lips (labium major and minor) and vagina. The biggest problem we encounter with pubis is the sagging seen with the increase of adipose tissue and deterioration of skin quality. This is a discomfort that appears as a separate swelling in the lower abdomen, especially when pants or swimsuits are worn. The solution here is liposuction and stretching, recovery operations to reduce adipose tissue.

Inner lips, called “labium minor”, ??which are generally congenital or prolonged with adolescence, become sagging and irregular, look aesthetically bad but take an uncomfortable form especially when sitting. Sometimes a lip part that we call “labial asymmetry” may be longer or different than the other. The surgical correction of these conditions is called Labioplasty.

As the age progresses, the aging-related outer lips become tense, that is, the adipose tissue decreases, and this situation may be due to being weak. Apart from stretching the outer lips of the pubis area, removing the upper part and making an oil injection, shrinking the inner lips, and vagina narrowing operations that we call vaginoplasty are the genital aesthetics that women want. In cases where thinning of the outer lips is observed, some fat tissue is taken from different parts of the person and transferred to the thin areas (fat transfer - oil graft application - oil injection) or filler applications, a fuller look can be obtained in the genital areas that appear collapsed. .

The vagina may expand as a result of advancing age, normal birth, sexual intercourse, abortion and similar interventions. The operations performed to restore the tightening of the enlarged vagina are called "Vaginal tightening surgery or Vaginoplasty". For this, surgical tightening can be done as well as Laser tightening is possible. With this new technique, application is done without scalpels and faster recovery is provided.

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