Gıdı Liposuction Aesthetics

You can achieve the look you want with the Tickle Liposuction Aesthetics. Call us now to have this operation performed by the best plastic surgeons at the most affordable prices.

It is among the most demanded aesthetic operations in our clinic. Double chin aesthetics is an operation that is in demand among men, as well as being preferred by women. Losing weight from the jowl part is possible neither with exercise nor with diet. The ability to melt the fats in the food may be genetic. However, they can be observed in the same areas as weight gain. Some people have weaker jaws. For this reason, the jowl may appear drooping and large. Anyone who needs chin aesthetics can get information from the specialist doctors of Clinic Ever-Est. By applying the right planning and appropriate techniques, you can have thinner facial features and more prominent necks with jowl liposuction aesthetics.


In our clinic, where the leading plastic surgeons of Istanbul operate, the best options and the most affordable prices are offered for jowl aesthetics.

In the jowl aesthetics applied together with liposuction techniques, the lubrication in the region is removed. The prominent jowl brings with it that people are more overweight or look older. The fact that the jowl part is more prominent indicates that the head of the person is more rounded. You can get support from us to get rid of lubrication problems in the jowl. The fat and large jowl part gives the appearance of a larger face and shorter neck. Thanks to the successful jowl aesthetics performed on our patients, the fat in these areas is removed and the jowl line is reshaped. In order to have a clear transition between your face and neck, you can also have jowl aesthetics with liposuction method.

Fat formations in the jowl area will make you look older and heavier. You can contact our whatsapp line for the before and after images of the jowl aesthetic operations performed by the doctors of our clinic and you can request our experts to deliver the images to you. These operations are performed for you in ultra-luxury hospitals located around our clinic with our specialist doctors. When the time is right, you can call us and get information about the subject.


The most effective method recommended by our doctors in order to prevent and eliminate the fat in the jowl areas is the liposuction method. By using the liposuction method, the fat cells in this area are removed permanently. Double chin aesthetics can be performed with local or sedation application. The oils inside are thrown out from a very thin and small area. All the stages you need for chin reduction and chin aesthetic procedures will be determined before the surgery and decisions will be made with our doctors and you mutually.

You can call our numbers on our contact page to get information about the recovery processes after your chin surgery and the cost of this surgery.

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