How Is Gynecomastia Diagnosed?

How Is Gynecomastia Diagnosed? You can immediately access the answer to the question and all the information you wonder about breast enlargement surgery in men on the Clinic Ever-Est site.

We have published the reasons for the formation of gynecomastia in our previous article. First of all, unbalanced nutrition, hormonal irregularities, decrease in the amount of testosterone and increase in the amount of estrogen are sufficient for the formation of gynecomastia. You don´t have to worry about this situation that can occur in many men, you can get rid of these problems in a short time through Clinic Ever-Est and you can have a tighter, harder chest area.


In order for the diagnosis of this disease to be made, a physical examination must be performed by our doctors. Health histories, health problems and other details are learned in the patient and the patient´s family. If our patients are located outside the city, we conduct a free preliminary examination via our whatsapp line on our site. All you have to do is register the WhatsApp support line number on the Clinic Ever-Est website and take a front and side picture of your chest area. Within the scope of the images you sent us and the answers to some of the questions you will be asked, the relevant results will be obtained in a short time and information about what needs to be done will be presented to our valued visitors.

It will be better for you to visit our clinic and have a physical examination to get more guaranteed results. Your breast tissues are evaluated and system controls are performed by our specialist doctors in our clinic. Our doctors will recommend some tests for patients with a diagnosis of gynecomastia. Depending on the results of the relevant tests, some scans may also be needed. Except for some signs and symptoms similar to breast swelling, the fatty breast tissues we see are too much. In men, there is a layer of breast fat in the breast area. These are not considered gynecomastia.


The risk of gynecomastia actually exists for every man. In general, adolescents, elderly individuals, people who use androgen or anabolic steroids to have an athletic body, people with liver, kidney or thyroid disease are at risk.

The most prominent features of this condition are swelling, pain, tenderness in the breast area of ??men and, although rare, fluid coming from one or both nipples.

You can call our phone numbers on our website to get information about male breast plastic surgery related to gynecomastia, to request before and after images of previous gynecomastia surgeries from our doctors, and to get answers to any questions you have in mind.

We recommend that you do not make a decision without examining the images of our patients who prefer Clinic Ever-Est quality and without a preliminary discussion with our doctors.

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