How is Lip Filling Made?

We often hear the question "How is Lip Filling Done?" from our patients who visit our clinic and ask questions. In this content, we will talk about this subject.

First of all, everyone wants to have attractive and lively lips. In order to have these lips, you can have the look you want in a short time by having lip fillers. Moreover, it is not as difficult as you think. Having beautiful lips will reveal your facial features and make you look younger. The first area that draws attention on the face parts is the lips. We have been serving for many years in Istanbul with our specialist doctors for the lips, which are among the most important elements of your face. We serve every woman who wants to have attractive and full lips.


If you have a thin lip structure, we can provide you with a thick lip. By preserving the naturalness of your lips, we make them more prominent with the procedure to be done, and we increase your lip quality as Clinic Ever-Est with the stimulation of the collagen structure in your lip tissues. Wondering how lip fillers are made? Let´s examine it together.


Our clinic doctors provide information to all visitors who want to have lip augmentation procedures and report every step. Before the filling procedures on your lips, we listen to your wishes and plan how to achieve the most suitable look for your lips in the most natural way. There will be a special lip filler recommendation for each face. After the ion of the lip filler that is suitable for your face, the creams that will provide local anesthesia are applied before proceeding with the procedures.

After the local anesthetic creams, our doctors will start the procedure. In the procedures, your lips are shaped and volumized with the help of cannula or injector. In general, your lower lip is more voluminous than your upper lip.

When we consider the standards in lip augmentation, it is known that the distance between your lip and nose should be between 13 and 15 millimeters. We know that this distance increases with the aging of the person.

For more information and inquiries about the subject, you can get information from the phone numbers or whatsapp line on our website, wherever you are in Turkey.

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