Istanbul Ear Aesthetic Surgery

You can access all the information and technical content you are wondering about Istanbul Ear Aesthetic Surgery on this site page prepared for you, and you can talk to our doctors instantly.

We offer you our services with our expert staff in prominent ear operations known as otoplasty. Our company´s specialist doctors perform ear aesthetic surgeries in our private contracted hospitals in Istanbul. The operation information you need to have a natural look is available on our website. You can reach all the information and details you are curious about from the phone numbers on our website. In ear aesthetic surgeries, if you are not satisfied with the shape and appearance of your ear or if there is a congenital problem, all of these are removed. In order to have ear plastic surgery, you must be in good general health. Our doctors can offer you the best offers for ear aesthetic surgeries that will be completed in a short time.


Ear aesthetic surgeries can be completed in a short time and are also performed under general anesthesia. In these surgeries, an average of 90 - 120 minutes is left. Depending on the person, this period may vary depending on the process and the procedures to be performed. In the procedures to be performed within these operations, an incision is made behind the ear and suture techniques are applied according to the shape you want the ear to be seen. According to the problems experienced by the patients who will undergo surgery, solutions are possible at Clinic Ever-Est. In order to get information about ear aesthetic surgeries, you can contact our doctors through the whatsapp support line on our site.

What is Ear Aesthetics?

There may be deformities in the ear that remain from the birth period or may occur later. Ear aesthetics are performed in order to make them more smooth and correct. Clinic Ever-Est doctors provide you with the best services in case of deformities or prominent ears within the scope of ear problems or problems occurring after an accident. Since we cannot add before and after pictures on our website, you can request images of the operations we have done in this type of surgery via our whatsapp line. By contacting our Whatsapp numbers, you can learn the answers to all the information you are wondering about ear aesthetics from our doctors, and you can also examine the BEFORE and AFTER pictures taken after ear aesthetic surgeries.

In people with prominent ear appearance, the ears are prominent and also appear large. For this reason, it is very common for people with protruding ears to complain about appearances. However, we complete the operations that will prevent discomfort for our patients who are faced with this situation with a short operation and eliminate the problem in the ear.

You can reach us from any part of Turkey or any district in Istanbul and get ear aesthetic service from our specialist doctors.

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