Laser Vagina Tightening

You can access all the information you wonder about Laser Vagina Tightening on our corporate website, and if you wish, you can ask your questions to our doctors via whatsapp.

Patient confidentiality is the priority in all conversations with our doctors. Vaginal tightening operations can be concluded in a short time in our clinic, which attaches importance to confidentiality. Narrowing with the laser technique is performed without the use of surgical instruments. Rejuvenation is done in the vagina, renewal is done in the vagina. In these procedures performed with the laser technique, no incisions are made and no stitches are used. Anesthesia is not preferred because it is a completely painless technique. You may have questions about the subject, you can reach our clinic about these through the numbers on the website. With the rays in the vagina and the renewal of the vaginal tissues, it can be tightened.

We usually host our guests from out of town and countries outside of Turkey for vaginal tightening operation. You should meet Clinic Ever-Est to be in the right hands wherever you are. We don´t want you to make a decision without getting information from us. Laser vaginal tightening operations are a technique that can be used for women whose width is not too large. If you are a woman who gave birth normally or if you are a person with a large width, you can examine our other methods. Or you can talk to our doctors in person via the whatsapp line on our site.


The answer to this question may vary from patient to patient. The amount of contraction may differ between a woman who has given birth 3 to 4 times and a woman who has not given birth. On average, 5 cm narrowing is appropriate on one side, while 3 cm narrowing on the other side may be sufficient. For this reason, our doctors give the amount of narrowing during the patient examination. According to the wishes of our patients, a decision will be made after the examination. Our doctors will share their thoughts and opinions with the patient, and then the decision of how many cm the amount of stenosis in the vagina should be will be taken together.

Surgery with laser technique is completed in a short time and the patient is usually discharged on the same day. There is no harm in patients coming from outside the city to travel outside the city again. You can have a normal delivery after vaginal tightening, but you will need to have the same operation afterward. If you have a cesarean delivery, you will not have to have this operation again.

For more information and other options on the subject, you can call our clinic, which prioritizes patient confidentiality.

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