Leg Aesthetics

Leg Aesthetics is a service that can be performed in our clinic in Istanbul, where successful results can be obtained by expert plastic surgeons. You can call us for information and price about leg lift operations.

When we look at this operation system preferred by women in general, loosening occurs on the inner surfaces of the legs after advanced age or high weight loss procedures and sagging occurs depending on these. Women who wear skirts can also experience diaper rash and sweating due to the rubbing of the inner surfaces of their legs during walking.

Apart from these and similar problems, this image is not aesthetically pleasing. The sagging and loosening of the inner parts of the legs of stylish and well-groomed women can be regulated by our leg lift surgeries and have a magnificent appearance.

What Are Leg Aesthetic Operations?

Fat deposits on the outer parts of the legs, fat in the upper part of the legs, fat in the upper inner parts of the legs, excess fat on the inner side of the knees, curvature on the lower inner part of the legs, varicose problems, collapses in the skin, not asymmetrical in both legs can cause the comfort of leg aesthetic operations. are among the situations that can be done.

Our doctors consider the most appropriate method for excesses in the inner parts of the legs and inner parts of the knees, especially in the hip area. These operations performed with liposuction technique have fast and guaranteed results. All of the aesthetic operations performed in our clinic are offered with a guarantee.

For all your questions and problems about leg aesthetics, you can write to us via WhatsApp via our numbers on our website.

Filling and fat injection method may be preferred in cases such as curvature of the legs and collapses in the skin. In fact, you may be unfamiliar with these terms and these words, but feel free to contact us for any information you may be curious about by writing to us from our e-mail addresses on our site or our WhatsApp numbers.

All of our visitors who want to prefer thigh lift surgeries are examined in our clinic by plastic surgeons who are qualified in their job. If you can not get rid of fat, sagging and excess in your legs despite exercise and regime, we are here.

Leg Aesthetic Surgeries

All of the leg aesthetics are performed in our ultra-equipped hospitals in the most luxurious, hotel comfort of our region, which are on our about us page. In leg lift and other leg aesthetic operations, a general anesthesia is required and all these procedures take approximately 120 minutes on average.

We recommend that our patients rest for 1 day in our hospital for thigh lift plastic surgeries. It is recommended that you use our clinic´s leg aesthetics service for sagging and stretching in the leg tissues caused by sun effects, aging and weight gain.

Leg Aesthetics Type of anesthesia: General or Local

Where to do Leg Aesthetic Surgery: In a hospital and operating room.

Leg Aesthetics Average Operation time: 2 hours.

Leg Aesthetics Hospitalization period: 1 day.

Leg Aesthetics Post-operative pain and bother: 2-3 days mild pain. Simple oral pain relievers are usually sufficient.

Leg Aesthetics Swelling, bruising: Very Rare

Leg Aesthetic Dressing: It is completely removed in 2-3 days.

Leg Aesthetic Stitches: There is no stitch to be removed.

Leg Aesthetics When to return to work: 7-10 days

Leg Aesthetics Sports: Long walks after 2 weeks, heavy sports after 5 weeks.

Leg Aesthetics Final shape: 2-3 months

Call us for more information and questions.

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