Leg Lift Aesthetic Surgery

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Due to the advancing age of people and at the same time due to the high amount of weight gained, there may be loosening in the inner parts of the legs in women, sagging may occur. Despite these situations, our clinic, which you have reached on the way to resolution, makes you look aesthetically beautiful and also eliminates the loosening in the inner parts of your legs.


For the aesthetic operations on your legs, the specialist plastic surgeons of our clinic inform you during the examination and answer your questions about the process. For leg stretching surgeries and different leg aesthetic operations, our doctors offer their services in ultra-quality, high-end hospitals in the region. Leg aesthetic operations performed under general anesthesia take an average of 120 minutes. In our hospitals where your surgeries will be performed, we keep our valuable guests as visitors for 1 day and your situation is always checked. You can review the previous surgeries performed by our experts in leg aesthetic procedures on our website.

For before and after pictures, you can register our phone number on the contact page of our site and view our participation in these surgeries and the before and after images of the surgeries performed on our whatsapp number.

You may also experience sagging in your legs after sleeve gastrectomy surgeries. Apart from pregnancy, after aging and after weight gain and loss, people may have loosening in their leg areas. You can contact Clinic Ever-Est and have these procedures done at the most affordable prices in order to get rid of the bad appearance caused by these weight losses in your legs.


We will share some information about the stages of surgery in leg stretching aesthetics with you, our valued visitors. During the examinations performed in our clinic by our doctors in leg lift aesthetic operations, skin abundance and excess fat tissues will be evaluated and we will choose the relevant surgical techniques in consultation with you. When liposuction is used beforehand, excess fat in the inner parts of your skin is emptied and it makes it easier to perform stretching procedures. In order to tighten the leg for stretching procedures, the procedure is performed with small scars in the process of pushing the excess skin upwards to the groin area. These scars will not be obvious as they will be in the groin area. This technique will not be correct for people with excess skin sagging. For this reason, we will need to see our patients and the procedures to be performed.

In people with excess skin sagging, incisions are made on the inner surfaces of the legs along their long axis. To remove excess fat tissues and make the skin livelier and firmer, you should call us.

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