Leg Lift Surgery Prices

You can send an e-mail to us from the Clinic Ever-Est corporate website or reach our clinic via the numbers on our website in order to learn the prices of Leg Stretching Surgery.

Our clinic serves you with professional, expert and well-known plastic surgeons in the field of sagging legs, which may have more than one reason, but generally due to aging and weight loss. When we look at the cases of leg sagging and fat, which are caused by some reasons such as age progression, sagging after sports, fattening caused by eating and drinking irregularity, long-term immobile life, excessive weight loss, we examine our doctors during the examination. As a result, if there are these conditions that are thought to be of a mild degree, we can eliminate them with liposuction treatments. We can apply thigh lift aesthetic operations for sagging that is noticed late.

Causes of Leg Skin Sagging

In the face of this situation, which especially women pay attention to, there may be sagging in the skin of the legs for all age groups due to aging. Let´s see what causes sagging on the skin of the legs.

Low Water Consumption: Water is the most important resource for human life. Water is very important for a good body appearance. Consuming small amounts of water will prevent the human body from looking vigorous. For this reason, you should take care to drink enough water during the day.

Inactivity: Staying still affects the human body in every area and in every sense. The body needs to expend energy and burn calories. If not, this may cause fat in some areas. The prominent of these areas are the legs, belly, arms and waist area.

Consuming Foods Containing Fat: One of the most important causes of sagging in human legs is the accumulation of excess fat. The biggest example of consuming foods containing fat is fastfood foods. Especially consuming ready-made products containing trans fat will cause sagging in your legs.

Smoking: Smoking, which is the trigger of many diseases, also brings skin sagging in the legs. The materials contained in cigarette smoke damage our blood and cells. Smoking primarily hits our face and waist edges and sagging occurs in these areas.

Excessive Exposure to Sun Rays: The human body needs sunlight. In terms of vitamin D, sunlight meets most of the body´s needs. But as with everything else, too much of this is harm. Staying in too much sunlight will damage the fibers under the skin.

If you want to get rid of the sagging in the inner parts of your legs, you can apply to our clinic immediately. Your operations are performed in our fully equipped hospitals with our expert staff and plastic surgeons.

You can have aesthetic operations for Sagging Leg Skin by the doctors of our clinic in Istanbul at the most affordable prices. You can call our numbers on our site to get the price and any questions you wonder about leg plastic surgery.

You can also contact us at any time by writing from our e-mail addresses on our contact page.

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