Leg Slimming Liposuction

You can call us about the Leg Thinning Liposuction method and learn about the most suitable options and prices from the doctors of our clinic.

You can get information from our expert staff for the arm and leg liposuction method. Liposuction method is applied in leg thinning aesthetic operations. It is among the most preferred surgeries by women. With the legs looking beautiful, it is possible for the body to look beautiful. In leg thinning operations, liposuction method can be applied to upper legs, knees and lower legs. Generally, the area where the liposuction method is applied is the UPPER LEG parts.


The sections in the upper part of the knee become more prominent in the upper region with weight gain. In these areas where there is fullness, problems may occur when the legs rub against each other during walking. Apart from this situation, there are loosening and sagging in these areas in advancing ages. Stretching surgeries and liposuction methods can be applied for problems in the upper leg area.

Apart from the problems in the upper leg sections, there are fat accumulations in the outer hip areas. Liposution method is applied for fat deposits in the upper leg areas.


For leg thinning procedures, our doctors ensure that the thickness in the upper leg area is eliminated and the fat is removed. You can get information from our doctors about the problems you experience in this region. The liposuction method is applied to remove the fat in the hips and lateral areas of the knees. It is performed more frequently with the all-around liposuction method on the upper legs. In upper leg thinning surgeries, our doctors also successfully complete leg stretching operations when requested.

For sagging in the legs, excess tissues are removed and the tissues inside are stretched. The settling of the stitches and the healing processes of the wounds in these areas are different. During the interviews you have in our clinic on the subject, our doctors will inform you about the operation process and the recovery process after the operation. Stretching operations can also be performed in thinning surgeries on the legs.

The success rate of fat removal procedures using the liposuction method is very high. You can contact us immediately for your problems in the waist area, abdomen, leg area, hip area, back area, arm area and neck area.

Liposuction can be performed under general anesthesia. In these areas, which are planned to be thinned, inflation is performed with a special liquid. Fat cells are absorbed after swelling.

You can call the numbers on the web page you have examined in order to have questions and to have an interview with our doctors.

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