Lip Aesthetic Surgery

You can access all the information about Lip Aesthetic Surgery and the details of meeting with our specialist doctors on this page prepared for you.

Lip aesthetic surgeries are performed for lips that have lost their structure and fullness. In addition to lip operations performed with surgery, there are aesthetic methods to be performed without surgery. Many lip aesthetic procedures are performed using local anesthesia. With lip aesthetic surgeries, procedures such as thickening, thinning, shaping, correcting lip defects, and solving lip disproportion are performed. Before the surgery, during the interviews you will have with the specialist plastic surgeons of our clinic, the deformities of your lips will be examined and our doctors will present their recommendations to you in the most appropriate way for your face type. If lip thickening is to be done, there are 3 different methods in this regard. Our doctors will inform you during the examination, but if we consider these methods here, 1) the use of artificial materials 2) the use of autogens 3) the pushing of the lip mucosa forward. In the process of thinning the lip, the tissue will be removed with a small incision made from the inner part of the person´s lip.


With Clinic Ever-Est, located in Bakırköy, Istanbul, we give you the look of your dreams. Many aesthetic operations are performed successfully in our center. You can contact our doctors related to the operation and service you are curious about, via the whatsapp line on the website and request before and after photos for the relevant operation.

Our doctor will tell you questions such as what to do after plastic surgery, but we would like to give a brief information about the subject on our website.


There are some things you should pay attention to after every surgery, as well as some details that you should pay attention to after the "lip aesthetic" procedure. First of all, after lip aesthetics, some redness, bruises and swelling may occur in your lip area. It takes an average of 1 week for such formations to disappear. It can take up to 2 weeks for it to disappear completely. Since the texture of your lip is sensitive, your sensitivity to hot and cold will be high. During the recovery periods after lip aesthetics, our patients are recommended to consume warm and liquid food. It is recommended that our patients who have lip aesthetics should avoid excessive mimic and laughing movements during the healing process.

In order to make your lips look more beautiful, you can contact our doctors who will personally participate in the operation via our WHATSAPP support line on our website.

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