Lip Aesthetics (Lip Shaping)

At Clinic Ever-Est in Istanbul, doctors who are experts in the field of Lip Aesthetics (Lip Shaping) and the highest quality materials are used.

You are in the right place for aesthetic procedures in the face area and procedures in other areas. We continue our services in Turkey with plastic surgery doctors who are experts in both non-surgical aesthetics and surgical interventions and aesthetic procedures. Our clinic mainly receives guests from abroad. We can make all transactions by applying the most suitable price policy to our guests coming from within the borders of Turkey. We know the importance of aesthetics in the face area. Everyone dreams of having lips with graceful curves and slightly protruding lips. The upper lip fold area is called the eros arc. We will be presenting you the best options and the most affordable prices in shaping this publication. You can contact us on our Whatsapp contact numbers to have wide lips, thick lips and beautiful lips.


One of the most intense requests for us in lip aesthetic procedures is that thick lips become thinner. With this procedure, which is performed by removing an elliptical mucous tissue from the inner part of the lip, people with thick lips can achieve the thin lip appearance they want.


Narrowing operations on wide lips are performed by our specialist doctors in hospitals in the comfort of a 5-star hotel with which our clinic has contracted. In this regard, people with congenital lip structure disorders are generally considered. With the aesthetic operation applied in people with a wide mouth, the narrowing of the lip width is performed. The operation is completed in a short time with the help of narrowing and stitching in the operations made from the edge regions.


You can get service from our clinic for the removal of wrinkles caused by the melting of the tissue under the skin in the lip area. Call us now to get rid of these wrinkles caused by repeated mimic movements.

Wherever you are, you can contact us on our whatsapp number to get information about Lip Aesthetics from the successful doctors of our clinic.

You can ask your questions to our doctors and you can learn the answers of our doctors in a short time.

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