Lip Aesthetics with Fillers

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Lips and their surroundings are the most important parts of women´s bodies. At the moment of contact with the face, the opposite side looks at the first lips and the lips that fit the facial features greatly affect the opposite side. You can make an appointment with Clinic Ever-Est for lips that make women feel good. During our lip filling aesthetic procedures, we add volume to your lips and complete the filling procedures in a short time without pain. If you are not satisfied with the aesthetic structure of your lips and want to get a new look by getting rid of the appearance on your lips, you can contact us immediately and regain your self-confidence thanks to the non-surgical lip aesthetics that will be performed with our expert plastic surgeons.


The first stop of those who want to have aesthetics on their lips without surgery has been our clinic in Istanbul. Lip augmentation procedures are applied by using some methods through our experts. There are changes in the process time according to the expectations and demands of each person, but a standard lip augmentation takes between 16 minutes and 24 minutes on average. In order to benefit from these procedures, which took place in a short time, you can talk to our clinic doctor who will personally participate in the application via our whatsapp line and get information immediately. Our experts listen to your expectations and offer you the most suitable solutions for your expectations.

What are the Uses of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers?

When this product, which contains fillers, is used on your lips, it can be used for 1) Lip Shape renewal procedures. 2) It is preferred during the renewal of the lip structure and 3) it provides benefits in some operations related to sound output. The effect of filling procedures on your lips lasts between 7 months and 13 months on average. In the next period, re-injection may be required.

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Average prices for lip augmentation will vary according to the treatment details and your demands. In these processes, prices will be determined according to the number of syringes to be injected.

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