Lip Filling Prices

You can read the pricing options and other details about lip augmentation aesthetics, which is one of the most preferred services of Clinic Ever-Est, in this content prepared for you. Lip aesthetics can vary according to the wishes, demands and lip area of ??the person.

We provide service in ISTANBUL with our specialist doctors to make your lips look the way you want and to make them thick. Since Clinic Ever-Est is the leading company in this field, it usually welcomes its guests from abroad and from outside the city. It is important to use fillers containing hyaluronic acid. With this material, it contains the building blocks in the tissues of the body, and with it, unwanted reactions in the body of the person are prevented.


The non-surgical aesthetic procedure in the lip area takes an average of 21-30 minutes. The procedures in the area to be filled are injected into the skin with a very fine needle. Anesthetic cream is applied in the lip area and after the application, the person can continue his/her normal life immediately. When we look at the permanence of lip augmentation procedures, it may vary according to the skin structure of this person. However, on average, it is between 5 months and 12 months.

We have the doctors who make the best lip aesthetics and lip fillers. You can call the phone numbers on the website of our clinic for thickening of thin lips and arranging asymmetries. It is very easy to increase the volume on your lips and make your lip corners fuller.

It is in your hands to have lip fillers at the most affordable prices. You can get information by contacting us via the numbers on our contact page or our whatsapp line.

Lip Filling Prices

Did you know that these procedures are among the most demanded and preferred ones both in our clinic and in our country? You need to get good prices for lip fillers and find a good practicing doctor. It is recommended that the clinic you prefer in the field of application is well researched. As a matter of fact, as Clinic Ever-Est, we offer you this service with the best doctors and the highest quality materials. Our prices cannot be shared on the site for some reasons. If you wish, you can visit the whatsapp line on our site to get detailed information about our prices and to talk to our doctors in person.

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