Lip Shaping and Lip Aesthetics

Safe surgery with advanced techniques and technologies and 3D modeling, results without surprises. Make an appointment with the Clinic Ever-Est clinic where experienced estheticians are present! Full and lively lips are definitely more attractive. Everything About Nose, Lip, Chin, Face Filling Health is Here!

You are at the right place for your Lip Aesthetics and Shaping requests. Our clinic´s specialist doctors offer the looks that the person wants to have in the field of facial aesthetics in the best way. In our clinic, where we have been performing almost all kinds of aesthetic procedures for many years, the popular application of recent times is lip augmentation and shaping without surgery. Contour determination of lower lips and upper lips, re-creation of lip appearances suitable for your teeth and jaw structure, creation of wide, thick, thin, contoured lips as in your dreams are offered by our company. You can call our numbers on our contact page or talk to our plastic surgery specialists in person via our whatsapp line for gorgeous full, lively, lively lips that can add beauty to your beauty.


Our clinic is located in Istanbul. We make the most accurate applications at the right time for all the services on our website. There are before and after images for all of the aesthetic operations performed. If you wish, you can request these images from our phone numbers on our website or you can follow the social media accounts of our clinic.


We present some of the techniques applied in lip shaping and aesthetic procedures, which are also applied in our clinic, on our website. It is possible for our doctors and patients to decide and choose the technique to be applied in lip aesthetic procedures during the examination. One of the most applied techniques in lip aesthetics is aesthetic interventions using fillers. Lip hanging, intervention with an intraoral incision, incisions made from the outside of the lip and aesthetic procedures are among other techniques.

In lip aesthetics, tissue grafting, that is, filling the lip with its own tissue, can be done in our clinic. To get information about this issue, you can call our numbers on our site, which you are currently viewing.

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