Liposuction Abdominal Stretching Surgery

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In the abdominal stretching method, which is among the most common method and demands in general, it is seen that the liposuciton method progresses together and achieves positive results. After pregnancy, you can achieve successful results with liposuction method, which is a method where you can prevent loosening and sagging in the abdomen after excessive weight gain.

With the liposuction method, you can get rid of your fat and have a beautiful body line thanks to tummy tuck surgery. Some deformations due to pregnancy are also eliminated, repaired and corrected. With liposution, some operations can be done in some areas.

Vaser liposuction is a vaser abdominoplasty because it gives less to vascular and nerve structures compared to classical liposuction;

* It is more successful and results are more assertive than liposuction is applied to each area
* It is a more bloodless operation,
* Patients can return to their daily lives earlier,
* Bruising, swelling and edema are less.

You can call us for all the questions, problems and liposution method prices in abdominoplasty surgery.

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