Lower Abdominal Sagging Surgery

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There are many reasons to choose this aesthetic operation in the abdominal area. For example; The problem of gaining and losing too much weight in women, cracks in the abdominal area after pregnancy, sagging etc. causes an aesthetic operation to be performed in the lower abdomen. However, there is no need to enlarge this operation on your eyes so much, our doctors make lower abdominal sagging surgeries that show the effect immediately and reach a result quickly, making you fit, thinner and healthier.

After the birth of women, there will be excess in the abdominal area and these excess will remain in the belly area. By eliminating these and similar problems with an effective treatment method in the world, we can make our women look old. We perform sagging in the lower abdomen under the name of tummy tuck operations and make you look tighter.

Is Abdominal Stretching Operation Risky?

As with any surgical operation, this operation has some risks, but these risks occur in very rare cases. Infections can be prevented with appropriate antibiotics after tummy tuck surgery. You can write to us on our WhatsApp line and get your answers for detailed information about lower abdominal stretching surgery, which is an operation with a very low risk, and answers to your questions.

For sagging in the lower abdomen, adults prefer abdominal aesthetic operations. Tummy tuck aesthetics are divided into 2 different types. The area and size of the tummy tuck are important in this regard. According to these details, the operation can be detailed under the name of mini tummy tuck or full tummy tuck.

What is Mini Abdominal Surgery?

In the mini tummy tuck surgery, which is one of the tummy tuck plastic surgeries, as the name suggests, if the procedure is to be performed on the lower part of your belly button, this technique is applied for light and medium fat deposits / sagging under the belly button and cracks in the lower part of your belly button. In this technique, those whose skin is loose but not suitable for a full tummy tuck operation are preferred for those who do not have much weight in the abdominal area in general. It is a technique applied to people who give birth, have excess fat, and collect the subcutaneous tissue under the navel.

In this surgical technique, excess fat in the waist and abdomen is removed. Excess tissue in the lower part of the belly is removed and stretching is applied. If an operation is to be performed on the area above the navel, a mini tummy tuck operation cannot be preferred.

What is Full Abdominal Surgery?

Considering the full tummy tuck method, which is among the most popular and preferred aesthetic operations in the world, this operation is preferred if the area above the belly button will be treated. In full tummy tuck surgery, procedures are performed on the parts between the groin and abdomen. Excesses such as cracks, sagging and fat accumulation in the abdomen are removed. The abdominal muscles, which are quite loose, are tightened thanks to this operation and skin tension is provided.

In full tummy tuck surgery, the surgical wound is small, but this wound is planned to remain in the underwear. Lower abdominal sagging and other tummy tuck procedures are performed under general or local anesthesia.

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