Lower Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery

In the aesthetic operations performed on the eyelids, the lower and upper eyelids are generally evaluated. In some cases, separate operations may be required in the lower and upper eye traps.

In general, the signs of aging are more common in the upper eyelid. The excess skin on the eyelid can progress to affect the vision in some people. In some rare cases (the real sign of old age), it occurs in the lower eyelid part. The combination of wrinkles, swelling, sagging, and under-eye patches in the lower eye traps provides the appearance of fatigue, so to speak, collapsed appearance. There is of course a solution to the dark circles under the eyes that appear even in our teens.

As Clinic Ever-Est, we perform lower eyelid aesthetic operations by our specialist doctors. surgical blepharoplasty eyelid surgery operations within the medical name with some of the methods we have been successful in Turkey. In this operation, which is known by names such as under eye wrinkle surgery, under eye bag surgery, thinning of the eyelid skin caused by aging occurs. In our lower eyelid, there is a membrane that holds the fat pads that should be located right under our eyes. These membranes are loosened with aging and it is seen that the fat under the eyes is herniated forward. These formations, also known as under-eye bags, can make people´s faces look tired, old and appalled.

The aging that occurs in the lower eyelid is a condition that is closely related to the aging of the person´s face. There may also be downward sagging in our mid-face area, and the soft tissue wall in the eyelid bags will also slide down. It is a condition that can occur between the ages of 30 and 45 with facial aging. However, in some cases, it may occur at an earlier age in individuals who encounter a structurally weak condition in the cheekbones. If you want to have an aesthetic operation for your under eye bruises, our clinic is always at your service with specialist doctors. Our company implement successful aesthetic operations in Turkey, feeling discomfort because of problems under consideration, surgery can be done for each age group having a healthy and realistic expectations. Call us immediately for operations that will heal bags under your eyes, dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles under the eyes, skin sagging on your eyelid, tear groove deformity and pitting under the eyes.

Lower Eyelid Aesthetics

In these aesthetic operations performed from the areas opened at minimum levels, the procedures that are finished on the same day with tiny stitches are performed. It is recommended by our doctors to make compresses with ice to prevent bruising under the eye after under-eye plastic surgery. Eyelid aesthetic operations, which are among the plastic surgery surgeries, are successfully performed in our clinic.

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