Lower Leg Thinning Surgery

Our professional plastic surgery specialists, who are experts in their business in Lower Leg Thinning Aesthetic Operations, provide you with their services in ultra luxury hospitals in Istanbul.

Who wouldn´t want to have long and thin legs .. A proportional body is the right and dream of every lady. Disproportionate appearances in some parts of the body can leave psychological effects on people. Today, every woman wants to have nice legs with an aesthetic appearance. At this point, the desired appearance is achieved in a short time with the surgeries in the science of aesthetic surgery. You can have magnificent legs by removing fat tissues in calves and legs.

Lower Leg Aesthetic Surgeries

Thanks to the lower leg thinning operations applied to people with unwanted thickening of the legs, a beautiful appearance is applied by removing fat tissues. This operation can be performed on anyone over the age of 18. It can be a bad appearance with the intense cellulite and fats in the lower leg causing leg thickening. These surgeries performed with our specialist doctors are performed in our contracted ultra-luxury hospitals.

Thanks to the thinning operations on the lower leg, you can achieve your dream legs. For any questions you may be curious about the surgery, you can talk to our doctors personally from our whatsapp support numbers on our site. In these surgeries performed with local or general anesthesia, an entry is made from the inside of the leg and excess fat is removed. Along with thinning operations, stretching operations are also applied in order to have a tight leg.

One of the most curious issues of our visitors is;

Is There Any Trace After Leg Aesthetics?

Will there be scars on our legs after the aesthetic operation, which is among the most common questions forwarded to us? Our plastic surgeons take great care to avoid scarring on your legs. These surgeries performed in fully equipped hospitals are performed by our professional doctors. There is no scar in our lower leg thinning operations. Nobody around you will know that you have had this surgery unless you mention it.

A thinning of 3 to 5 cm will be observed in lower leg aesthetics and thinning procedures. Our plastic surgeons will provide you with all the technical details and information during the examination on this subject.

You can also write to us from our instagram accounts or e-mail addresses on our site for any questions you have about the subject. If you wish to review the images of our operations, you can check our social media accounts on our page.

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