Mesotherapy is a treatment method applied by giving medication to the skin. In this method, very small amounts of therapeutic injections are applied to the middle layer of the skin with a bristle-thin needle. In the treatment, drug mixtures varying according to the disease are used. The application is completed in a period of 5-75 minutes. Mesotherapy applications, cellulite treatment, local slimming. For removing cracks and scars on the skin. In hair loss. It is aesthetically effective in keeping the skin young. Mesotherapy can be applied in a number ranging from 5-20 sessions depending on the disease, depending on the disease.


What is cellulite?

Cellulitis is a circulatory and lubrication problem that is accepted as a chronic disease worldwide.

What is cellulite mesotherapy?
In cellulite problem, the skin looks like an orange peel. The reason for this appearance is the lubrication and circulatory disorder as described above.
In the cellulite mesotherapy, specially prepared drug mixtures are applied under the skin with thin needles. The drugs used in mesotherapy are used to correct the impaired circulation and to reduce the accumulated fats. The drug mixtures are prepared specially for the patient after a detailed examination of the hospital.

Who is cellulite mesotherapy applied?
Cellulite mesotherapy is applied to the patients who are diagnosed with all degrees of cellulitis. At the same time, in the initial period of cellulite or in people who have been treated with mesotherapy before, it is performed at less frequent intervals to prevent recurrence of cellulitis.
The degree of cellulite detected determines the number of sessions of mesotherapy drug mixtures.

How is cellulite mesotherapy applied?
In the cellulite mesotherapy, the drug mixtures tailor-made are given to the skin with fine needles. The needles used in the application are very thin (30G) and short (4-5mm). The application is not a painful procedure, yet cold compress is applied to reduce the sense of pain.
There may be short-term redness, burning sensation, itching sensation in the application area, these symptoms disappear within a few hours.

Cellulite mesotherapy How many sessions are applied?
Cellulite mesotherapy The number of sessions is determined depending on the degree of cellulitis. With a general approach, a person with stage 3 cellulitis problem is given 10-15 sessions of mesotherapy at 1-week intervals. After the cellulite mesotherapy, in order to prevent cellulite formation, 1 session or 3 sessions of mesotherapy is recommended for protection mesotherapy.

Cellulite mesotherapy What are the application results?
In the number of sessions where cellulite mesotherapy is recommended and in patients where it is properly administered with drug mixtures3. After the session, the appearance of cellulite decreases, the increase of elasticity in the skin begins to emerge a healthier and more vivid skin appearance. The results obtained by following the recommendations of the physician with mesotherapy will increase to the desired level.
During the mesotherapy application, it will be seen that the appearance of cellulite decreases on the skin after each application session.
Cellulite mesotherapy Post-application recommendations
Following some warnings after cellulite mesotherapy will prevent unwanted results.
After the application, pool and sea should not be allowed (1 week)
It is recommended to drink 1-2 liters of water a day.
Daily mild to moderate physical activity is recommended.
It is recommended to pay attention to nutrition.


What is hair mesotherapy?

Hair and scalp problems is the application of mesotherapy to the scalp.
It is the most effective treatment method for the problems of hair loss, increased hair fractures, and the appearance of the hair to look weak.

Who is Hair Mesotherapy applied to?
It is performed in those who have hair loss complaints, when the hair loss periodically increases, when the hair fractures increase, when the hair is seen lifeless, dull and weak.
It is performed when the hair loses its vitality as a result of exposure to certain stress (long-term blow-dry, frequent dyeing ...).
Hair mesotherapy does not make hair shed again. It provides the preservation of existing hair. After application, a relatively increase in hair is felt, this is not due to new hair growth, it is due to frequent perception of existing hair as it seems healthier and more vivid.

How is Hair Mesotherapy applied?
The physical characteristics of the person and the examination of the existing scalp are performed in detail. Mesotherapy mixture is prepared according to the problem and the person. The application area is disinfected, the mesotherapy mixture is given to the scalp with very small needles at 1 cm intervals.
After the application, a ampoule of vitamin drug is broken and applied to the place of mesotherapy by fixation.

Hair Mesotherapy How many sessions are applied?
Hair mesotherapy, depending on the condition of the person at intervals of 7-10 days, is applied as 3-7 sessions. At the end of the application, the change in hair is immediately noticeable.
For protection purposes, 1 session of mesotherapy per month is sufficient and necessary for hair care.

What are the results of Hair Mesotherapy Application?
Hair mesotherapy is the application in which the results of the mesotherapy applications can be seen immediately.
One week after application, vitality in hair, decrease in hair loss, shine in hair, decrease in breakage and strengthening of hair strands are immediately noticed.

Hair Mesotherapy Post-application recommendations
It is inconvenient to swim in the pool and the sea after the application. (2-4 days)
After the application, the physician´s instructions on scalp care and washing should be carefully understood and applied.


What is facial mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is applied to the face and neck décolleté in order to eliminate deformations formed on the face with time and environmental factors.
Time, sun, stress, environmental factors cause some deformations on the skin. These can manifest as wrinkles, collapses and sagging due to the decrease of the supporting tissues, as well as wrinkles may occur due to mimics.
In addition, as a result of the sun, environmental factors, subcutaneous circulation deterioration, the vitamin and mineral needs of the skin are not met, the matte, lifeless appearance of the skin, skin spots, sagging, pale skin appearance may occur.
Facial mesotherapy is applied as the most effective method in order to meet the vitamin and mineral needs of the skin, to restore impaired blood circulation and to replace the decreased supporting tissues.

Who is Facial Mesotherapy applied to?
In the face, neck and décolleté area; It is possible to get very successful results in people who have skin deformations with time and other factors.
Facial mesotherapy creates very successful results when applied to the appropriate patient. After the detailed examination of the skin, the most appropriate method is ed.

Facial Mesotherapy How many sessions are applied?
Facial mesotherapy varies according to the skin structure of the patient, but 2-7 sessions are made at 2-week intervals. After the application, skin protection mesotherapy is recommended by applying a session every 1-3 months and skin protection mesotherapy is applied. Protection mesotherapy is necessary and sufficient for a lively bright healthy skin.

How is Facial Mesotherapy applied?
Detailed examination of the skin is done. Drug mixtures are prepared according to the person´s and skin´s needs.
The application area is disinfected, the prepared drug mixture is given into the skin at 1 cm intervals with fine needles. During the application, a cold compress is applied and the sensation of pain is prevented.

What are the results of Facial Mesotherapy Application?
The results of the application of facial mesotherapy are immediately noticed. As a result of replacing the needs of the skin, completing the support tissues, improving circulation, the skin will appear liveliness, radiant, firmer and tense skin.
The healthy appearance of the skin is such that it prevents the formation of aging marks on the skin.

Facial Mesotherapy Post-application recommendations

It is necessary to pay attention to some warnings after mesotherapy.
Small bruises may appear in the application area after application, these will heal spontaneously in a few days without treatment.
After the application, pool-sea should not be allowed (1-4 days)
After the application, it should be protected from the sun and should not be entered into a solarium. (1 week) Sunscreen suitable for the skin should be used.
After the application, concealers such as foundation and powder should not be used. (2-3 days)

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