Mini Abdominal Aesthetic Surgery

You can contact us at the numbers on our site for all your questions, information and price options about mini abdominoplasty, mini tummy tuck surgery. We offer professional services in our clinic with our doctors who are experts in Mini Abdominal Aesthetic Surgery.

There may be some situations that do not require a full tummy tuck, in loose abdominals that are overweight in the abdominal area and liposuction application on the skin does not have an effect on its own. Mini tummy tuck operation can be very effective in these people who have a tense abdomen. Mini tummy tuck operation takes a short time and does not cause scars. Thanks to this operation, which has no scars, recovery will be completed in a very short time. You can access detailed information about mini tummy tuck operations, which we can apply immediately to our patients who do not have too much weight, from this content.

With Mini Abdominoplasty, low and moderate sagging is removed and you are provided with a fitter appearance.

Who Can Have a Mini Abdominal Lift?

People with moderate or minor abdominal sagging problems can have a mini tummy tuck. Unfortunately, you may not always get rid of some of the fat accumulated in this area with sports and diet programs. In order to completely eliminate the appearance of the sagging abdomen, you can benefit from the mini tummy tuck operation without progressing the sagging degree.

When we look at abdominal aesthetic surgeries again, it is an operation recommended for people with postpartum, abdominal muscle separations, excessive weight gain and loss, excessive fatness, loosening of the abdominal wall, cracks and sagging in the skin. If you have any special questions about the application details and tummy tuck plastic surgery, you can always write to us via our WhatsApp line number on the site.

In mini tummy tuck procedures, liposuction is applied primarily to the waist and abdomen. If necessary, fat injection can also be applied to the buttocks. Subsequently, a very short incision is made so that it can remain in the laundry located just below the abdomen.

When you look at the people who will have mini tummy tuck in general, they do not have much weight. This method of surgery is preferred to eliminate small or medium sized umbilical sagging. In short, the upper abdominal regions of the people who will have mini tummy tuck surgery are in a good condition, it is preferred for sagging in the lower abdomen.

The birth belly, which remains after birth and has become the most complaint of women, can be removed with mini tummy tuck surgery. You can get information from our expert doctors for any questions and problems you have about the mini tummy tuck.

All operations performed in our clinic are carried out by fully qualified, expert doctors. Doctors do all of the operations.

The duration of mini tummy tuck surgery is usually short. Our doctor, who will perform the surgery, will give you all the information before the operation. However, to briefly mention, the procedures to be performed determine the duration of the operation. If the stretching operation is to spread over a wide area, it takes an average of two hours.

At our Clinic Ever-Est company, tummy tuck surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. Since it is not a very heavy surgery, you do not need to stay in the hospital, you will not feel pain and pain. On average, our patients can start walking exercises after 4 or 5 hours following the surgery.

Call us now for more information and prices of MINI Abdominal Lift AESTHETIC SURGERY.

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