Nasal Tip Aesthetics - Nose Tip Rhinoplasty

One of the most demanding among aesthetic surgeries is nose tip aesthetics. Nose tip aesthetics, which is very important in terms of appearance, has become very popular in recent years. It is the treatment method we have applied for our patients who are not satisfied with the tip of their nose. In this type of surgery, which is also called Type Plasty, there is no problem in the anatomical structures of the nasal bones and only the asymmetric, width or lowness of the nasal tips are arranged with some small touches. In the procedures we do in nasal tip aesthetic procedures, parts such as bone, cartilage, skin or mucosa in the nose are not intervened. Nose tip aesthetics can generally be used to change and clarify the tip angles of the nose.

Before nasal tip aesthetic procedures, you can meet with our expert clinical doctors. During these interviews, your current nose structure is examined and your complaints are listened. Then, your expectation from your nose structure and appearance will be rested and evaluated. In nasal aesthetic surgeries, photos of the nose will be taken from different angles and the possible appearance will be presented to you in the computer environment after the application of the aesthetic procedure in computer environment.

Closed technique is used in nasal tip surgeries. In other words, no operation will be performed from the inside of the nose and there will be no scars left outside the nose. Since the bone anotomy of your nose is normal, this type of aesthetic does not involve the bone and its structure. In this aesthetic type, the soft tissue and cartilage section is reshaped. If nasal tip plastic surgeries are taken as a general basis, it can take an average of 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Information about the operation time will be stated in the interview with you before the aesthetic.

Of course, it can be applied in open technique in nasal tip plastic surgery. The experience of the operating doctor is very important in both techniques. All of the doctors serving at Clinic Ever-Est are very experienced in nose tip surgery. In open or closed nose surgeries (Nose Tip Aesthetics), it will be ed and evaluated by the doctors according to the condition of the patient and the method will be informed to the patient.

Nasal Tip Operation Time

As we briefly mentioned above, the average duration of nasal tip surgeries generally takes between 45 minutes and 60 minutes. Patients who undergo nose tip surgery can be discharged from our clinic on the same day. When we look at the recovery time in nasal tip plastic surgeries, our doctor will inform you about the situations that you need to pay attention to and you will feel the improvement in a very short time if you follow these situations carefully.

ATTENTION; It is recommended that you stay away from strenuous and heavy sports for a while after nasal tip plastic surgeries. At the same time, if the patients are wearing glasses, it is necessary to stop using glasses with acorrosive frame for a while. During brushing, you should brush as your doctor will remember, and if you are in the recovery process, you should take a break from your swimming sport for a while. Finally, it is necessary to stay away from sunlight for a while in nasal tip aesthetic surgeries, as in other nasal aesthetic surgeries.

If you are not satisfied with the tip of your nose, you can get support from the Clinic Ever-Est doctors and choose the right clinic for type plasty (nose tip aesthetics). Our clinic is at your service with its experienced staff.

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