Natural Looking Face Lift

In order to get information about Natural Looking Face Lift surgeries, you can reach us immediately on our corporate website and work with our doctors who are experts in their field.

With the advancement of age, some changes may occur in people´s faces. These changes in the human body become evident and are a situation that will strike the eyes of the people we face. Decreases in the volume of adipose tissues that occur with our age due to gravity, sun rays, the attachment of facial expressions to our muscles are the first to occur in the structural changes in our skin. At the same time, some of our habits such as our lifestyle, alcohol consumption and cigarette consumption will increase these effects genetically.

Our patients, who apply to our clinic, want to have this operation because they are not satisfied with the changes in the facial features due to their deficiencies in feeling young. Our clinic´s plastic surgeons have completed hundreds of successful operations in this field.


We make personal interviews with our patients and listen to their demands so that the faces look more beautiful and more energetic. Our specialist doctors perform facial rejuvenation for you in complaints such as deepening of the folds on your faces, increased wrinkles, collapse of your cheek areas, sagging and bands in your neck areas, and displacement of the depths of the face, eyebrows and mouth corners downwards. Our doctors perform the best operations for you facial rejuvenation procedures.

Doctors Performing Face Lift Surgery

Our doctors can serve you in ultra-luxury hospitals in Istanbul. In facelift surgeries performed by our doctors, local anesthesia is performed under general anesthesia and deep sedation. In facelift operations, our doctors prefer to stretch the skin and subcutaneous connective tissue separately. Of course, when you come to our clinic to get information about which method to apply, our doctors will give you information when you are examined.

All these technical details will be decided with a detailed examination before the operation in line with your needs and your surgeon´s preference. Our doctors will take the necessary steps in order to be effective and permanent in rejuvenation of your face and to have a beautiful appearance. With this operation, the requests from our patients and the recommendations of our doctors will be presented to you during the examination. If you request, this operation can be performed in procedures such as eyelid aesthetics, eyebrow lift operations, liposuction procedure.

Wherever you are in Turkey, you can have a meeting with our clinic and ask your questions personally to our doctors via our Whatsapp line.

As Clinic Ever-Est, we have been serving our guests from abroad for many years. Our clinic, known both at home and abroad, will be pleased to serve you.

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