Non-Surgical Face Lift Aesthetics

Clinic Ever-Est, a Non-Surgical Facelift Aesthetics - Aesthetics Center, is at your service with procedures that are performed without scars and scars, where you can see the result immediately.

Do You Have Questions About Non-Surgical Face Lift? You can get information about this operation 100% performed by doctors on our site. One of the biggest problems of middle-aged women is sagging on their faces due to gravity and aging. This sagging face problem, which could only be eliminated by the face-lifting method until recently, can be solved with some non-surgical methods today.

Non-Surgical Face Lift with Focused Ultrasound

It is known as the most effective and highest quality method in non-surgical face lift procedures, eyebrow lift procedures, jowl recovery, body contour arrangements. With the focus ultrasound technique, the process of causing coagulation with heat is performed on the dermis and smas layers of the skin, and the skin is tightened and recovered.

The Focused Ultrasound method is only a one-session application. There are some periods that may vary depending on the area where Focus Ultrasound is performed. However, the process is completed within 30 to 60 minutes on average. In this system, ulthera imaging system is a system used with ultrasound, which affects the connective tissues by focusing only 5 millimeters below the skin without damaging your skin. By seeing the bottom of the skin with the help of this device, stretching procedures are applied in the connective tissue layer under the skin with the ultrasound power it sends.

Lock Strap Non-Surgical Face Lift

In this method, which is included in non-surgical face lift treatments, our specially designed silicone threads and flexible needles are used. Our technique applied in the lock sling method is a revolution in facelift aesthetic operations performed without surgery. This process, which takes an average of 45 minutes, is an operation that does not require stitches since it is performed under the scalp.

Face Lift with Thermage

In face lift operation with thermage, which is a different method in non-surgical facelift aesthetics, we remove looseness and sagging in the jowl, abdomen, arms, upper legs, face and buttocks by applying radio frequency. This technique is suitable for men and women between the ages of 30 and 60. Visible facial aesthetics are provided in a single session.

Gold Needle Application

As the name suggests, it is a gold quality method in non-surgical facelift aesthetic operations. In other face lifting methods, the lower layer of the person´s skin is effective. However, when the special needles preferred in Intracel application enter the skin, it does not pose any risk because it affects the bottom of the skin. With a single session, it gives very successful results in your wrinkles on your hand, neck and around your lips. This method is a method that can be applied in all seasons of the year.


Endopeel, another non-surgical face lift technique, is an important technique that can be applied in many areas such as neck, diamond bone, hand, eyebrow, cellulite, décolleté, eye contour, butt lift, groin stretching. In this technique and non-surgical facelift method, carbolic acid and peanut oil are injected directly into the muscle. In this operation, which does not require any surgical intervention and does not fill the person´s facial expressions, wrinkles are removed by natural means.

Liquid Face Lift

In face lift operation with liquid, which is the last one among the non-surgical face lift surgery techniques offered by Clinic Ever-Est, we restore the substances that are lost and lost in your face to your skin. After the operation, aging lines and sagging are reduced in the liquid facelift operation, which is performed to restore the face to its former appearance and even to give it a better appearance.

We will provide detailed explanations about all these facelift aesthetic operations on our website later. However, you can immediately reach our doctors through our corporate website for all the topics and contents you are curious about.

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