Nose Aesthetics Without Breaking

The number of people who want to have nasal aesthetics without breaking is quite high. The common concern of all our patients in nasal aesthetics is almost the same, and the fracture of the nasal bones is the main issue. To give some information about the subject, most of the procedures performed in nasal aesthetic procedures require intervention in the nasal bone. In the other part, there are cartilage interventions, soft tissue interventions.

Hammer or similar cutting tools are not used during the surgery in nose aesthetics performed without breaking. It is not possible to have cracks and fractures in some parts of your nose due to the use of cutting tools and hammer material during the removal of the nose belt. Thanks to the application of Clinic Ever-Est in this surgical method, there will be no uncontrolled fractures and cracks.

In some nose surgeries, only the tip of the nose is intervened. Since there will never be an intervention in the nasal bone in this type of intervention, the surgery will be completed safely. Nasal tip interventions are called tip rhinoplasty. In our next article, we will talk about "Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty".

How Are Nose Aesthetic Surgeries Performed Without Breaking?

It can be used in two different techniques that we have mentioned before in nose aesthetic surgeries without crushing. It is a type of surgery that can be applied in closed and open nose aesthetic surgery techniques. Again, your nose structure will be examined by our doctors and you will be informed about the most appropriate technical analysis results. All the defects in the nasal bones will be analyzed and the equipment in our clinic will be gently brought into the desired shape. You can also get service from us for the corrections in the tip of the nose.

The healing process is very fast in most of the techniques we use. For any questions and problems you may be curious about, you can visit the Ask a question to the doctor section on our website and send us all your questions.

The general technique of rhinoplasty surgery without breaking is the cutting process or the filing technique instead of the breaking process. In some nasal plastic surgeries, cutting is applied on one part of the bone and rasping is applied on the other side. In cases where there are cutting operations, the bones are pushed in or pulled out. As in all surgeries performed by our clinic, rhinoplasty operations are also very sensitive. Our first goal is to correct the curvatures and deviations in your nose. Our next goal is to correct the problems in the nasal roof. This process, which will be done by fully sensitive and expert doctors, continues in a controlled manner.

You should know that nasal aesthetics occur with millimetric variations and that there are big differences due to these millimetric changes. In order to give the desired shape to your nose, our specialist doctors will bring you the nose of your dreams with this technique, which will prevent uncontrolled fractures.

If you are looking for a place for rhinoplasty surgery in your country, province and region. You are in the right place. Clinic Ever-Est has the best and most professional doctors serving in this field for you.

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