Oil Glands Around The Eyes

In order to remove the sebaceous glands around the eyes, you can reach our competent doctors in our clinic and you can access all the information you are curious about from our doctors. Contact us now for Xanthelasma Treatment methods.

In our clinic, we eliminate such problems in the sebaceous glands around the eyes, the eyes and their surroundings, and these formations that occur as a result of Xanthelasma disease.

In general, the eye and its surroundings are the areas where the human body has the most sensitive and thin structure, you should have the sebaceous glands formed in these areas and the formations resulting from xanthelasma disease with competent doctors. In humans, oil bags may occur on the eyelids, nasal bases and under eyelashes for some reasons. Do not worry about this situation, which is common in individuals over the age of 40. As Clinic Ever-Est, we can eliminate these formations in a very short time with our expert staff and doctors.

These oil glands that come out in and around the eyes should not be removed everywhere because they are in a very sensitive area. Because of the thin skin around our eyes, you should first look at your cholesterol values ??for the fat glands you are uncomfortable with. Within the xanthelasma disease, we can see these formations very often in these regions. Oil glands around the eyes can be seen frequently in women and men and unfortunately, they can disrupt our aesthetically beautiful appearance on our face.

If we look at these sebaceous glands from a general perspective, there may be different types. In the Xanthelasma type we mentioned in our previous article, these yellow or white oils in your eyelids can be seen frequently in the lower eyelid or upper eyelid. This sebaceous gland, which can have a soft consistency in general, can be hard in some cases. Xanthelasma will mostly have a symmetrical location, ie it can be seen in the same place in both eyes, not in one eye. Xanthelasma does not go away by itself because it is a permanent and progressive condition, you can choose us to get rid of these oils.

Another type of sebaceous gland is called syringoma. In this type of sebaceous glands, sweat glands are formed, which are also known as benign formations. It is actually the most common type generally seen in humans. These types of glands usually manifest themselves in adolescence. Although we do not know exactly why it occurred, in general, fat glands around the face and eyes occur mostly in women. It can occur under the eyes of women as well as in the genital area, chest areas, armpits, and around the belly. These oil glands can be yellow or tan colored. These glands, which will be puffy from your skin, are round. In our clinic, it is possible to get rid of these sebaceous glands with special methods.

When we look at the sebaceous gland, which can be seen in another eye area called Milium, it should be mentioned as the most common type. The type of milium sebaceous gland, which can be seen in almost every age group, occurs in yellowish or white colors, with an average diameter of 1 to 2 mm, in a swollen and round form. Again, these oil glands, which are caused by unknown reasons, are mostly seen on the cheeks and around the eyes. We can destroy all these types of sebaceous glands with surgical methods. You can call us immediately to get information from our doctors and get a price.

Treatments for Sebaceous Glands Around the Eyes

Our doctors can serve you in our Istanbul-based clinic in order to remove, destroy and treat all of these sebaceous glands. You can reach us immediately from the numbers on our website for all the information, questions and answers to your problems.

If you wish, you can contact our doctors personally through the WhatsApp line on our website and learn the answers to your questions.

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