Original Lip Aesthetics

Hey you! Do you want to have a unique lip look, gorgeous lips? Original Lip Aesthetics is among the best services offered to you by Clinic Ever-Est in Istanbul.

You are in the right place for lips with a unique aesthetic stance, knowing the anatomical features of your lips, where these features will be at the forefront in the aesthetic operations to be performed on your lips and you can have prominent lips. When it comes to lip aesthetics, don´t just think of it as lip filling, many lip shapes that are accepted as beautiful, lip appearances with schematics and suitable for the facial features of the person can be obtained. Lips filled with mucous parts in pink areas with a natural appearance are just a phone call away. Call us now to have a quality ratio between your lower and upper lips and for lips where the lines on your lips are more pronounced, higher and the lines are parallel to each other. All the procedures and services you will receive from our clinic are procedures performed by specialist doctors. The most demanded appearance in lip aesthetics is the appearance in which the upper lip is ahead of the lower lip and is tighter.

Best Lip Aesthetics Applications

By looking at the volume on the lips of the person, our doctors will decide how the shape and change will be. In order to learn about free pre-examination and aesthetic procedure options, you can get information from our WHATSAPP number, which is the live support line number on our site. We recommend that you get information to eliminate the problems on your lips and make a good analysis. Wherever you are in Turkey or in the world, it is possible to receive service from specialist physicians serving at Clinic Ever-Est. Having thick lips, creating volume and all other procedures are offered to you in our clinic with the best prices.

Thickening and Plumping of the Lips

It can be uncomfortable for some people to have thin lip lines. The appearance of thin lips, which can be seen in all age groups in our country, can become much thinner and longer as age progresses. You do not need to stress at all for the solutions of the lips in such cases. We offer you lip thickening and plumping services in Istanbul with our expert plastic surgeons.

Temporary Lip Fillers

For many years, different methods and different styles have been applied in lip augmentation processes, and the most preferred system that includes the latest technology and hyaluronic acid is the ones containing hyaluronic acid. You can benefit from the lip filling service, which is permanent between 6 and 9 months, in a short time.

Permanent Lip Filling

It can also be called a silicone treatment on the lips. Permanent lip augmentation silicone procedures placed in the upper or lower lip are successfully performed in our clinic.

Thinning the Lips

It is among the most demanded for thinning procedures on thick lips. This is a request that we usually receive by men. We receive lip thinning surgery requests from men with extremely thick lips and successfully complete the operations through our specialist doctors working in our clinic.

Upper Lip Thickening

Due to the nature of the person, there may be sagging in the face area and other areas from top to bottom. Due to the elongated and changing lip lines, the proportions of people´s faces may deteriorate and it is known that the person looks older. You can send all your requests about lip aesthetic procedures to our doctors and you can get the best prices from the best doctors in this field.

To get information about our other lip aesthetic procedures and to find out the answers to the questions in your mind, consult Clinic Ever-Est doctors immediately via whatsapp.

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