Penis Lengthening Surgery

For all the information you are wondering about Penis Lengthening Surgery and your questions, you can immediately consult our specialist doctors on our website.

Clinic Ever-Est is an operation performed by specialist doctors for penile thickening and penile lengthening surgeries, in ultra-quality, almost 5-star hotel concept hospitals located in the region of our clinic.


The penis is found in men. It is the mating organ of males for sexual intercourse and reproduction. The last part of the urinary tract, called the urethra, is also together with the penis, from which urine and semen are expelled.

The length of the penis in an adult person varies according to the race, but on average it is 12 13 centimeters long. On average, the tallest ones are Congo (18 centimeters) and the shortest ones are North Korea (9.7 centimeters). In Turkey, it is 13.9 centimeters on average.

Considering the physiological conditions, lengthening or thickening can be done in short and thin penises. Lengthening and thickening operations can be performed on penises with a length of 9 centimeters and a thickness of less than 8 centimeters when stretched. Without considering these standards, this procedure can also be performed in cases where the person is under psychological influence or is not satisfied with the length of the penis.

You can leave yourself in the hands of experts for your penis lengthening requests. We welcome our guests from many parts of Turkey and even the world with our doctors who have accomplished successful works in this field in our city.

Do not hesitate to call us about "penis lengthening" surgeries to be performed with an all-inclusive concept.

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