Penis Thickening

Penis Lengthening and Enlargement

Average penis length varies according to race and geography. Although there is a huge difference when compared to the Far East and Africa, both remain within average limits according to their own race. Sometimes the penis length and thickness below the average may cause some intellectual problems for the person. Questions such as lack of sexual self-confidence and not being able to satisfy your partner can negatively affect an active sexual life.

In these cases, the lengthening and thickening of the penis provides good results.

You can become the Best Penis Enlargement Treatment with Clinic Ever-Est. You can also benefit from the magic of penile aesthetics with small touches to the penis. On average, the circumference of a penis is 9-10 centimeters. Penile thickening techniques can be used for those who think that the thickness of the penis is not sufficient. We host many of our patients who have concerns about this issue, both from Turkey and abroad, in our clinic.

It is performed with spinal anesthesia or general anesthesia to the part of your body that is below the navel. There are important techniques we use for penis enlargement. In order to thicken the penis, our patients and our doctors conduct a preliminary interview and here we choose the preference of our patient and the technique to be used. On average, an extra thickness of up to 4 centimeters can be obtained during a penis enlargement surgery.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Price

You can visit the Whatsapp line on the site to learn the prices of the surgery. Our clinic achieves the most successful results in this field.

How long should his penis be?

As I mentioned above, the average length and thickness varies according to race and geography. Different mean can occur in people of different races in the same country. The world average is 13.58 cm for an erect penis. In our country, this length is 14.11 cm.

How is the penis extended?

The lengthening techniques to be used are determined after the patient is examined by the Plastic Surgeon.
The procedures applied in terms of forming an idea in the person;


Releasing the suspensory ligament:

This ligament, which fixes the penis to the front end of the pelvis, is cut and the body of the penis buried under the skin into the bone structure is aimed to extend outwards. The more the penis structure inside, the greater the elongation.

Cutting the suspensory ligament does not cause any problem in penis hardening or erection. The main surgical procedure of penis enlargement surgeries is cutting the suspensory ligament. Without this procedure, the effect of other surgical procedures remains very limited. The important point is that after this structure is cut, the tissues in that area are stitched according to the technique. If only the structure is cut and left, sufficient elongation cannot be achieved.

When we consider a normal penny size in our country, it is taken as an average of 13.7 cm in its erect state. It is known that there is no relationship between penis and body measurement ratios. The size of a person´s penis is not dependent on or proportional to their weight, height or body mass index. In our country, no region or city has any different features in terms of penis. Generally speaking, for an adult male on average, if the length of the penis is greater than 10 centimeters, it is considered normal. Penises less than 10 centimeters can be considered small. Those smaller than 7 centimeters will be considered as micro-penis. Penis enlargement and thickening surgeries are among the popular aesthetic operations of recent years as Clinic Ever-Est.

For your penis enlargement requests, you should make a preliminary examination with our doctors. When you want to get discounted prices for all the issues you are wondering about and for this surgery, you can call our number on our website. You can have only extension or only thickening requests. You can get the best prices for each of them from us. Never hesitate to call us so that we can offer you the best offers for the thickening processes you need.

How To Thicken The Penis?

In penis enlargement surgery, which is called phalloplasty, the patient´s genitals are enlarged. It is seen that sexual life does not go well and trauma is experienced with a small penis. Men who need an operation to enlarge the length and width of the penis can get information from our doctors on our page. Patients from both Turkey and many European countries visit Clinic Ever-Est center and get information about this surgery. Before you come to our clinic, you can have information through our Whatsapp line.

Our doctors can achieve successful results in penis enlargement procedures. In addition, our team, who is also effective in lengthening procedures, ensures that the ligament suspended in the body is loosened in these surgeries, and the part of the person inside the body is kept out. You can get support from us in penis lengthening plastic surgery and thickening procedures.

PENIS THICKENING AESTHETICS is provided by Clinic Ever-Est at the most affordable prices.


Z Plasty and VY Advancement flap

Both procedures intervene in the scrotum or skin structure of the penis rather than lengthening the penile structure. A structure like a curtain between the penis and scrotum is flattened with z plastic. This process does not lengthen the penis, but visually makes the trunk structure clear.

VY advancement

The penis is further removed from the body by sewing the V-shaped incision made from the upper circumferential hairy area of ??the penis in a Y shape. However, it does not provide elongation to the penis, it only makes a visual difference.

Liposuction and Fat Injection

Fat tissues obtained after liposuction in areas rich in fat tissue of the body are filtered and their fluidity is increased, and then thickening is provided by giving the body structure of the penis. With the thickening, the elongation of the penis is also provided. In fact, it has as much effect as the lengthening provided by the suspension tie. In addition, liposuction is applied to the hairy areas around the penis to provide visual elongation in the penis.

Hospital and Operating Room Process

Preoperative examinations are prepared on the same day or 1 day before. You should not eat or drink anything 8 hours before the operation time. The results are evaluated by the anesthesiologist and if there is no obstacle, your operation can be performed. The patient will not feel any pain during the procedure because it is performed under general anesthesia. The average operation time is 1 hour, and the time spent in the operating room will be longer after the patient is put to sleep and awakened.
After the operation, you will be given antibiotics and pain medication in the ward. You will have a control examination the next day and you will be discharged on the 3rd day to be called for control.

Post-operative pain and return to work?

On the first postoperative day, there will be tension and mild-moderate pain in the incision areas and due to fat tissue injection. Your complaints will decrease gradually in the following days. You can return to active business life after an average of 4 days.

It will be necessary to wait an average of 4 weeks for sexual activity.

Will there be any stitch marks?

The amount of scar left after the surgical incision depends on the patient´s tissue healing, the surgeon´s suture technique and care. Even if all patients are sewn using the same suture technique and material, the amount of scar left will differ from person to person. Age, skin color, breast size, accompanying diseases, smoking, postoperative care and hygiene are the determining factors for the scar. In the early period, the pink line-shaped suture line completes its healing after about 12 months and becomes compatible with your skin color. Patients can usually compare with cesarean suture scar, but breast reduction surgery will have a more tight skin stitch. Caesarean section, on the other hand, may leave almost no scar because it has a loose skin field stitch.

Since the regions where Z plastic or VY advancement is applied will remain in the hairy area, the amount of traces that will remain will not be determined. Since the fat tissue injection will be made through holes of approximately 5 mm, there will be no stitch line.

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